The Making of a Hangover

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I am awake at 8 and go to breakfast.

I am happy to see Azael is working. He bring me a mimosa and chillaquilles.


Then I have some fruit and a piece of bacon.  The fruit zeros out the bacon.


This is how I get my weather report.


It is pretty yucky even though it just looks like it is a little cloudy.

When the weather gets yucky the tough book a hot stone massage and take advantage of the  80 minute special.

I ask for same awesome therapist that I had last time, in January, Erika. I can remember her name because it’s the same as my best friend.

The massage is really amazing.

It rained while I was in the spa, but it is sunny when I come out.

I go back to the grand and have them take me to La Brisa so I can have lunch with Azael. I order lobster and fries. and of course some white wine.


I am looking at my phone and another waiter comes up and says, I need a phone, I need to call my mommy. It seems like an odd request, but I go ahead and start to open my phone so he can use it, but he says he can open it, he had magic fingers. Since my phone only opens with my fingerprint or my code, I am confused, but give it to him.

And then he takes a picture of me. Then a selfie.


Azael brings me coconut ice cream without me asking.


After lunch I go to room and change for beach.


Hmmm, that picture looks like I took some wine to go, doesn’t it?

I have a few hours of beach time and then go back to room and use the balcony Jacuzzi.

I live dangerously again and take a couple selfies.




After some jacuzzi time I go get ready for dinner.

Tonight is at the Asian. Raul is my server. We laugh again about the exotic Caribbean fruit. You have to read my trip report from June 2017 to see what that is referring to.


I have the seared tuna app, which is really good.


My lobster entree is good too.


I take the rest of my wine and go to bar. Daniel and I make plans to have lunch tomorrow.

Lander stops by to chat. Rafael comes by to chat.

I know that I will drink some wine back at my room, so I only have a cucumber martini.

I go back to room where another bubble bath is waiting fo me. I skip it tonight.


They do a very nice towel sculpture, but it’s pretty funny since this is a solo trip.


To ensure a hangover tomorrow I drink rest of Masia Ribot red and then go to sleep. 


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