Some Special Rum

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I go back to my room and take a shower. I sleep for an hour and then feel fine when I wake up. But then I have a sleep hangover. If it’s not one hangover, it’s another.

I get ready for dinner, and drink another glass of the wine from lunch.

Dinner is at Toni’s. It is so good.



The mashed potatoes are to die for. Can I just have a big plate of these? My waiter sees me with my camera and offers to take picture. We go outside.


After dinner the restaurant and bar manager starts to walk me to lobby bar. I see Patricio and he takes me the rest of the way. He goes to let Lander know I’m there.

I chat with Daniel. The lobby bar is super quiet again.

Lander comes out and I give him the Zaya that I brought him.

Daniel pours us a couple of glasses but first Lander pours some from from the bottle “To the dead.”


We talk about rum. He tells me about the best rum he ever bought. Then he gets some of it from his office, and we have some of that. That is too nice of rum to pour any to the dead.


Aziz, the entertainment manager of Mexico, and a good friend of Tessa and Dave Brown, comes by. I met him when I visited with them about a year ago. The three of us chat.

Four glasses of rum later I say I’m going back to my room to call my husband. Aziz asks why I’m going back and I say that part of safe traveling when you are a woman traveling solo is knowing when you’ve had enough to drink, and I was definitely at that point.

Lander makes sure I get in the golf cart ok. A couple of days later Daniel will let me know I wasn’t exactly walking in a straight line.

I do make it back to the room. The butler has left me a bubble bath, and rose petals.


He did forget a letter in my name, but it’s the thought that counts.

The bubbles when Jacuzzi is on, are enormous. It’s pretty comical.

If they made a movie of this it would be called The bubbles that ate the Grand guest.


It was no small accomplishment taking those selfies without dropping my phone into the bath. Especially after four glasses of rum.

Because of how many bubbles those baths create when the jacuzzi is on, the baths never last long.

I get into bed and read and then go to sleep


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  1. Great dress! and the pics with the bubbles crack me up!

  2. I LOVE that dress!!!!

  3. Hilarious photo with you and the bubbles. Congrats for not dropping your phone in the water because I’m almost certain I would have.

    1. I’ve dropped my phone into some unfortunate places. If I’d not been under the influence of all that rum, I probably wouldn’t have tried it! LOL

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