Beach Day Number 1

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I wake up at 7. I don’t get up early enough to take sunrise pictures. I will take a picture of whatever time it is though.


At home Zung makes my morning tea and I linger in bed, sometimes for hours. I watch the news and sometimes HGTV if I really want to drag out my lingering. On vacation I have to get up and go to breakfast to get my tea. There is no lingering. I don’t like to watch the news when I am on vacation anyway.

So I head off to Bella Vista.

Azael is not there, and neither is Angel. My waiter was fine, but not as good as them. No Olivia either. I don’t get omelette, I just like to say hello to her and see how she and her son is doing.

I get a fried egg and bacon. Always bacon. Also a couple of croissants and tater tots and some baked pudding thing. I don’t like the baked pudding thing and only take a bite.


I always get some fresh fruit.


After breakfast I go back to room, change into my suit and go out to beach.


I never go to breakfast in my suit and cover-up. I don’t know why. I just prefer to put on shorts or capris and a shirt to go to breakfast.

Beach time in the morning means Mimosa time. I am so happy that Gabriel, my favorite beach waiter is there.


The beach is so quiet. It is a sunny and hot day. The water is calm so I go in. It is warm. Nice!

I go back and enjoy my view. This view feeds my soul.


I go back to my room. My card doesn’t work and I have to have the butler open the door. I ask for the temperature to be lowered because I was too hot last night. Usually the lower limit is fine for me, although I know that is a common complaint from most people. The butler can change that so that if you are like a lot of people and like the subzero feel.

I also tell him that I don’t need newspaper because I’m on a news vacation.

After my second mimosa I order a third. The funniest thing  happened. I had a glass of sparking water in my hand, but forgot it was there and Gabriel came by and I asked for another mimosa, but started looking for the glass that was IN MY HAND. I asked him if he’d taken it.

He asked me if I was ok when I went, oh! It’s in my hand. LOL. That’s one of those things that you have to laugh about, cause otherwise I’d have a panic attack thinking about it.


I go to my room to order room service for lunch. I love the club sandwich and I can only get it from room service. I also order a glass of Masia Ribot and they bring a whole bottle and two glasses. I have them take one glass away.

The sandwich is so good. Even though I had put it in fridge when they first brought it, the coconut ice cream gets very melty. It’s still good though.


The maid left a little decoration with some rose petals on the bed.


I Head back to the beach. When I go past the concierge desk I ask them to call room service to take away dishes because there was no number guide on my phone. I ask for a number guide and ice for the bottle of wine.

Back at the beach, I settle into my beach lounger. A woman comes up to me. Her name is Charise and she reads my blog. She said she heard I was here and wanted to find me to say hello. We end up talking for a hour.


After she leaves I sit for awhile, but then my tummy starts to feel weird and I go back to my room.


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