Dinner, Wine and Chicken Dreams

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I start getting dressed for dinner. I realize that I forgot my strapless bras. First world problem. But it seriously was needed for his dress.


I get a golf cart ride to Venecia. Jhony seems to be waiting for me. Wow! He’s good.

The hostess at Venezia always remembers me. The sommelier asks if I want him to suggest something or do I want the wine menu. I ask for the menu please. I know that what he suggests will probably not be on the included list.

I pick Masia Ribot red. It is so good. I ask for the rest of the bottle to be sent to my room.


They bring the Parmesan, focaccia, etc. I have the grilled baby veggies.


My entree is glazed lobster with strange white, creamy stuff. It is not pasta. I ask my waiter what it is and he brings out Karen, the chef. She tells me it is creamy leeks. She asks how it was. It was really good. Well done.


I get the hot chocolate cake, which is chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce. Cake is really good and not too sweet, but the sauce is sweet. Next time I would order cake alone. They should call it death by chocolate.


Dinner doesn’t take long when you’re dining alone. I chat briefly with a father and son who sit at table next to me. They invite me to join them. I decline because they just ordered and I am ready to leave. I’m not sure I would have anyway. I am really conservative when I am traveling alone.

It was a really good meal. Venezia has really fluctuated with their food quality over the years. Tonight it was definitely a win.

Lander and Patricio are outside of restaurant. They really don’t look alike at all. I don’t know what I was thinking. I say hello to Lander and tell him that I brought him a bottle of Zaya rum.

I go to bar. Daniel tells me he was worried because he hadn’t seen me. He called the restaurants to find out where I was. What a good son he is.  We chat for a short bit, then Mayvany comes by and we talk for awhile.


She’s so nice and interesting, and beautiful.

She leaves. I talk to Daniel about his complicated relationships. I give him advice. The bar so empty.


I go back to the room at 10. I skipped the pool party again. The butler brings the wine bottle to my room with two glasses. I don’t know why because he knows I’m here alone. I laugh and say I only need one. He must think I’m a lush. I drink two glasses. This wine is so good.

I go to sleep and don’t sleep well. I have a weird chicken dream. Must have been from all that wine I drank.

I am looking forward to a day on the beach.


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