Mexico Solo Trip Number 3

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I want to do a solo trip.

I really would like to do a road trip. I wish there were more good places to drive to. I think about driving to South Dakota again. I’ve done that twice though. And South Dakota has parts  that are beautiful. The parts that aren’t flat and brown. But it’s still South Dakota. It’s not really meant to be visited multiple times.

Then I hear about good rates for the Grand on Expedia or Travelocity or one of those online bookers. Which, by the way, isn’t everything an online Booker these days?

I check and have a blonde moment when I mistake the daily rate for the rate for four nights. I get very excited about this fantastic rate. Then I have that moment when I realized my blonde moment. (I hope all my blonde friends will forgive me for this reference).

I catch it before I book, but now I am Grand psyched. We have enough southwest points for a free ticket (well, $100 for taxes and fees). I check rates with the hotel  they are reasonable enough, so I go ahead and book and then book my ticket for air.

Yea! I have a countdown.


I never share my countdowns publicly because I had a stalker type once. I will often say, I have a mystery countdown.

Life is busy because I have started a professional blog. It is about breastfeeding, so if you are breastfeeding or plan to be, or know anyone who is, it’s Please do check it out.

Travel day arrives quickly. I get up at 5:30, so I actually leave on time. I have decided to use a regular sized bag and check it this time. My carry on barely holds four days worth of clothes and certainly not with four pairs of heels. Note to self, get new, larger carry-on.

Amazingly, it weighs about the same as when I pack for a week. Probably because I’m carrying my dresses when Zung usually does. I’m also taking a bottle of Zara rum for Lander, the GM.

Fortunately, Southwest let’s you check two bags for no charge. I could bring another bag and be good.


I check in, it’s all self service kiosks, but there is someone to assist. I drop my bag and go have breakfast at Root Down. It’s blood orange mimosa time.


Chillaquilles Benedict. Really yummy.


I go buy a People, which I’m enjoying less these days. The celebrity life and their first world problems doesn’t really entertain me the way it used to.

I check in at gate and then wait. Chat with couple in front of me in the boarding line. They are going to Royal Hideaway. I tell them that was my first Mexico experience and it was where I fell in love with Mexico. This is their first time and he’s is SO glad to hear that.

Board. Sit in aisle seat in Row 7. Eventually someone sits in the window seat. Middle seat stays empty.

I go through my ritual of saying. “It’s a seatbelt, just like any other seatbelt, and if you don’t know how to use it, you shouldn’t be out in public unattended.” I read it somewhere and now I HAVE to say it when they go through the safety demonstration. Even if I’m alone, I have to say it. I say it very quietly in those instances.

Although, the person sitting next to me might have thought it odd that I was taking a picture of my seatbelt, or legs. Either way, a little weird. Nobody likes to sit next to a weirdo.


They do the snack and drink service. I have fritos and vodka cranapple. I prefer rum and coke, but all they have is white Bacardi, and I just can’t anymore.


I try to nap, but just doze. I read my People. I really think I am over this magazine. Celebrities bore me.

I watch a couple of episodes of Pretty Little Liars. When I bought this series I didn’t realize it was about teenagers. It was just on list of good things to binge watch. 

The flight is a little bumpy. Finally we arrive. There is a really short immigration line. Like really short. There is an average wait for my bag and Customs.

I can’t find Canada Transfers at first. Someone helps me. The Canada guy takes me to van. I chat with driver during the drive.

And then, we arrive!

I see and say hello to Mariana. I am sent to the bar. Do they know me or what? I  see Elizabeth.


She asks what I want to drink. I say bubbles and she starts to pour me sparkling water. I say no, champagne! You can see, she gave me a generous pour.


We chat. She likes my nails. The front desk person comes to me, and registers me and exchanges my money.

Patricio, the new asst GM comes and says hello. He acts like we’ve met before and at first I think he is Lander, even though part of me thinks that is not right. He realizes it and says no, I’m confusing him with Lander. That’s embarrassing.


They take me to my room. I have drank 1/2 of a glass of champagne, and they have a fresh, full glass. I am prepared to do double fisted champagne, but she suggests we switch.

I am taken to Room 7141. I’m surprised they give me a corner suite since I am alone.


I ask the bellboy to take a picture of the ceremonial removal of the watch. It’s really hard to take that picture as a selfie.



Jony is the butler who gives me  my bracelet and orders my Havana Club and brings my pillows. I have never had him for a butler before and he is really on the ball.

There are beautiful flowers.


There are snacks there of meat and cheese, and I’m so hungry. I scarf it down while I unpack.


Jony brings me more coke and ice and promises to bring me ice each day.

The Havana arrives. The shape of the bottle has changed. It is more genetic now.


I throw out 1/3 of my champagne and make myself a rum and coke.


While I hate to waste good alcohol, or even mediocre alcohol,  I always make sure I don’t drink too much when I am here alone. I sit out on balcony with my drink and just enjoy the sight and sound of the ocean until it is time to get ready for dinner.


It feels good to be home.


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  1. I love the sandles you have on! Any chance you remember where you bought them?
    Also thanks for the blog I really enjoy it!

    1. Those are Madden Girl sandals by Steve Madden and I probably got them from DSW because that’s where I get most of my shoes. I got them several years ago though. Nordstrom is a favorite for my shoes too.

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