Mystery Weekend Conclusion

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Sunday we arranged to have brunch with Cousin Dan and his wife, Anastasia at a restaurant called the Country Club. It was in their neighborhood so we took an Uber. We sat at the bar  where the was no wait, and I drank bottomless mimosas. It was one of the best meals we had the whole weekend. Zung and I got Boudin balls for an app. That’s a NOLA sausage that had meat and rice in it. It’s probably not going to be AHA approved but it sure is delicious. We gobbled those up before we remember to take a picture.

We did remember you take pictures of everything else.


Looking at these pictures is making me hungry. My eggs were delicious, but after the Boudin balls I could only eat half.

We had a really nice visit  with them. After brunch they drove us to the WW2 museum. It was raining again so that seemed like a good way to spend the day.

We saw the movie, Beyond all Boundaries with Tom Hanks. It was one of those experiences where there seats rumble and lots noises with bombs and actual snow comes down. Then we went through an exhibit about one area of the world during the war. There were lots of movies and artifacts. It was interesting but there was so much, it was a little overwhelming. We barely scratched the surface for what the museum had to offer.

We went back to the hotel and had drinks in the lounge. Best. Hurrican. Ever. The bartenders name was Erick. Yes, he spelled it with a C and a K. He seemed kind of non friendly initially but then he handed me my drink and  said it wasn’t really fair because it would ruin out for any other hurricane I had. He was right.


It was not any kind of a pre made mix. He added all the different juices so you actually taste them. It was not too sweet like a lot of them are. It was so good that I had two, but ended up taking most of the second one in a to go cup. He chatted with us quite a bit.

I love the concept of the to-go cup.

We claimed our bags and took an Uber to the airport. We had plenty of time before our flight so we got some sandwiches to eat.


They were terribly average and disappointing after all the great food we’d had all weekend.  We had lots of time so got something to eat. Denver is definitely the best airport for food and shopping  that I’ve ever been to. It did give us a place to sit until our flight took off.

The flight was a little bumpy. Nothing terrifying though. 

It had been a fun, fun weekend. We were pleased with the destination, although it would have been fun too see what it was like to go somewhere we really knew nothing about an had to go off the itinerary suggestions and recommendations.

We loved the experience, but overall it was very expensive. We could have gone to Mexico for a week for what this cost. I would like to try them again, and may with a girlfriend.

Zung thinks we can do something along the lines of a mystery trip for each other for a much lower cost. But that will be another trip report. 

If you decide to try Pack Up and Go, please mention my name. And then let me know how your weekend went!

My next trip report will be about my solo trip to the Grand back in August. Until then, happy and safe travels!


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  1. I love a good hurricane!

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