Day 2 of the Mystery Vacation in NOLA

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Saturday was sunny and warm, thankfully. We slept late, 8:30. But we had things to do, food to eat, people to see. Especially food to eat. Breakfast in this foodie town was calling to us.  I did not linger in bed. I got up and showered. We looked at the breakfast recommendations from PUAG. I had seen a Ruby Slipper nearby and while I was getting ready (hey, it’s a process, ok?), told Zung to put our name in there while I got ready, but he didn’t want to. I thought we had walked right by the RubySlipper yesterday, but we went out and walked and didn’t pass it, so we decided to go to the Stanley instead. This was a really good breakfast restaurant I had eaten at twice when I was here about a year and a half ago with a girlfriend.

As we were walking we passed the Old Coffee Pot. We had eaten here on our first NOLA trip.It had been really good, and we were hungry, so we stopped and ate there. No almond milk for my tea though. The food was good. He got an omelette and I got a Benedict. It had ham and tomato. They called it eggs Jonathan. It was supposed to come with shrimp and grits, but she asked if I wanted grits or potatoes and I ordered potatoes. So the shrimp were laying there all by their lonely selves. I didn’t think they went well with the Benedict so only ate one, but when Zung finished it for me, he ate all the shrimp.



I didn’t take a picture of his omelette.j9eRwNYvRsiKmOwceo282Q

After breakfast, we wanted to look into a Riverboat tour. We headed to the dock but it looked like they were all about three hours and we’d have to take one that left in the afternoon and then we wouldn’t get back in time to have drinks with the cousins.

We stopped in a store that had all these beautiful bronze sculptures and asked how much one that we liked cost. It was $4000, and that wasn’t in our budget. We stopped at a restaurant that had to-go cocktails and I got a double mimosa.


One of the really unique, awesome, and amazing things about NOLA is the bands on the streets. They just set up and play. Many of them are so good. I’m not talking about some guy playing the guitar. I’m talking about a full jazz band.


Since we didn’t have time for the riverboat tour, we decided to have a mule-drawn carriage ride. The driver said they have to use mules because the horses get too hot in the summer heat. He gave us a tour of the French Quarter and talked about the history and architecture. We passed a cooking school that our driver had said does nice demonstrations.  I wanted to go check that out.

We asked about the menu and she said there would be a dairy-free alternative for me. The class was starting shortly. We signed up. It was $30/per person, and would basically be our lunch.


They call them classes but it really was more of a demonstration,  where they feed you. She spent the first half hour giving us the history of NOLA. She made shrimp artichoke soup. It had heavy cream in it so I was given a bowl of gumbo. I wouldn’t consider that dairy free because I’m sure it had a bucket of butter in it. Mine does when I make it. Fortunately, butter is not a problem for me. It was delicious.

She made crawfish etoufee and pralines. I think she used at least 5 # of butter! I asked if the pralines had milk in them and she said yes and I said I wouldn’t be able to eat them. She said, but the milk is cooked! I didn’t point out that the cream in the soup was cooked too. In the end, because it was such a small amount of milk,, I ate my praline. It was better than any other I’d had, probably because it was so fresh.




There were pitchers of water on the tables and when they served the jambalaya they brought out pitchers of beer. Zung had some beer but I stuck with water.

After the class, we bought some seasoning mix that she’d used. Then we walked around Jackson Square. There are artists there and I saw a mother and baby picture that I liked. The original was $600, so I made do with the $60 print

It was getting late so we went back to the hotel, dropped off the things we’d bought. We were supposed to meet the cousins for drinks at a wine bar. Zung’s cousin has two sons who live in NOLA. We always try to meet up with them when we are here.

I called an Uber and then we waited about 10 minutes for it and right before it was supposed to arrive it got cancelled. I’m not sure why that happens, but it pissed me off. We took a taxi instead. I was worried we’d be kind of late but it turned out we were the first ones there.

The wine bar was an interesting concept. It was a wine store and you bought your wine, and they had a crate of glasses, and you could get a bucket and fill it with ice if you wanted to cool something. Then you found a place to sit. Most of the tables were outside. They had music too. It was packed and all the outside tables were taken, so we found a table inside. There was food to that you could order and they’d bring that to you.

When we arrived we weren’t quite sure how it all worked and waited until Dan got there to get wine. Desiree and Imbrie had to wait in line when they arrived even though we had a table because it was so crowded by that time that it was “one in one out.” They arrived and got some bubbles and found us. We got to catch up. The time passed too quickly and we had to leave a little after 7 so we could get back to the hotel and change for dinner and get to our restaurant for dinner. We said our goodbyes and totally forgot to take any pictures.

It was Restaurant August. When Nicholas heard we were in NOLA he said we should go there. I think his text said, “You have to eat at August.” When I checked Open Table it said the only res were at 9:45&10. Too late for us.

The night before I had asked the concierge if he could get us an earlier res. He went on a rant about how the restaurants aren’t run well anymore and they just work of their computers and they don’t save tables for the concierges. He took my number and said he’d call them tomorrow and see if they had any cancellations. He called when we were at breakfast and said our res was at 8:15. I gave him a$20 tip for his efforts.

It was a nice, old school French restaurant. The food was very good.

They sent out an amuse bouche that was in an egg.


Appetizers came. I had to send back my salad because I neglected to mention my dietary restrictions and I never expected the roasted beet salad to come with creme fraich. They remade it for me and other than dessert, that was the only thing that caused an issue. I’m spoiled because I’m used to restaurants in Colorado and California asking if there are any dietary restrictions.

This was Zung’s app and I cannot tell from the pic what it is. He liked it though.


Beet salad sans créme fraiche.


My delicious duck.


Zung’s scallops. Zung loves scallops. If it’s on the menu, he will probably get it. You can imagine that at 70 years old, he has had A LOT of scallops. He said these may have been the BEST scallops he has ever had. Win!


Dessert was the same old song. They had delightful selections. Zung had Pineapple Souffle.


Our Waiter told me that I could have sorbet.



I am over it! Really? There are not a bunch of us out there? Enough to put, I don’t know, maybe ONE thing on the menu that doesn’t have milk or cream in it?

I am over sorbet, so I asked about their rum selection and they had Zacapa XO.And I had some.


I love dessert. Love it. But if you can’t be with the one you love, love the rum that they have that’s really awesome.

It goes like that, doesn’t it?

It was pretty late, for us, when we got back to the hotel. so we skipped the lounge when we got back. We still had a half bottle of the wine so we finished that. Then it was time to go to sleep and figure out what to do with the rainy day we were expecting tomorrow, our going home day.


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  1. If you dairy issue is lactose intolerance – Have you tried Lactaid Fast Act (or generic equivalent of 9000 lactase units)? I have used it for many years and although I may need more than one pill I can eat most things with dairy. I can eat butter, cream cheese and hard cheeses without any issue.

  2. What a fun day. The pineapple soufflé looks delicious.

  3. I feel your pain. I’m allergic to milk and wheat and get so tired of sorbet or berries!

    1. This isn’t actually an allergy, with hives or anaphylaxis. It’s an intolerance and a weird one at that. The worst symptom is reflux that can be quite painful. If I take something like Prevacid, which I do when I go to Mexico, I can eat things like ice cream. Weird, huh?

      1. That is a different twist – I don’t always mention lactose intolerance at restaurants- I was at a meeting where I did note it and the staff was telling me what I could not eat – I knew I could eat cheese on a sandwich- don’t take that from me.😁 I know what I need to avoid such as ice cream, cream sauces, etc and what I can handle with lactase enzyme supplements.

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