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Mexico Solo Trip Number 3

I want to do a solo trip. I really would like to do a road trip. I wish there were more good places to drive to. I think about driving to South Dakota again. I’ve done that twice though. And … Continue reading

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Packing Tips from a Fashionista

I was checking out someone’s else’s blog about packing tips. She’s been to Mexico all of two times. I’ve been thirty… Okay, we don’t need to get into specifics. If you’ve been to Mexico more than 30 times, saying exactly … Continue reading

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Mystery Weekend Conclusion

Sunday we arranged to have brunch with Cousin Dan and his wife, Anastasia at a restaurant called the Country Club. It was in their neighborhood so we took an Uber. We sat at the bar  where the was no wait, … Continue reading

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Saturday was sunny and warm, thankfully. We slept late, 8:30. But we had things to do, food to eat, people to see. Especially food to eat. Breakfast in this foodie town was calling to us.  I did not linger in … Continue reading

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