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We took the train to Terminal B. We had breakfast at Elways restaurant. If the name sounds familiar, it’s the same name as the famous Denver Broncos quarter back, because he owns it. It’s a steakhouse place with two restaurants in Denver and a nice addition to the airport dining scene.


Can I just say, DIA has the best shopping and restaurants of any airport I have been in? In fact, Forbes just named it the best airport in the world. Now, I am by no means a world traveler, but I could spend a long, long layover terminal hopping at DIA and eat at great restaurants and none of them would be fast food that would give me indigestion and all of them would have great cocktails and entrees. The shopping could easily take care of everyone on my Christmas list. If you ever find yourself at the Denver airport for any period of time, take advantage of what it has to offer.
I was on vacation, so of course I had a vacation mimosa. This one was made with pomegranate juice.


My breakfast sandwich was really yummy. Zung kept it simple, but he did branch out from his usual omelette.


Sorry, I took a bite before I remembered to take the picture.

We looked over some of the information that PUAG sent us. We were going to be staying at the Roosevelt hotel, which we knew nothing about so I looked at their website. It wasn’t in the French Quarter proper, but right across the street, so it was a great location.

I stopped at a store to get magazines and water. We arrived at the gate and apparently United boards by groups, which was pretty chaotic IMO because there was just a mass of people. We did get on and unfortunately I did not have my preferred aisle seat. I sat in the middle and Zung was in the window. We went over the recommendations for restaurants and site seeing in our packet. They included a $100 Uber gift certificate and a gift certificate for Arnaud’s restaurant, where they had made reservations for us that night at 7 o’clock. I was pretty sure that was the same place we had eaten for our Halloween 2.0 trip a couple of years ago, on Halloween in fact. We had been in our costumes and after a full day of day drinking we pretty toasted. It is one of NOLA’s old standby restaurants.
The flight was a little bumpy and the landing was kind of hard. We were able to go right to the transportation area after I called for an Uber. It’s always a little chaotic trying to find where the pick up is at an airport we don’t go to often.
The hotel was a pleasant surprise.


In all honesty, the budget I had chosen for this trip was so high, I was expecting a really nice hotel. It was very nice and they booked us a suite that had a small living room with a TV and sofa and there were two bathrooms. It was an old hotel, as most hotels are in NOLA. We unpacked and then went looking for food.

First we went to the bar, Scazerac’s. They had a great cocktail menu, but didn’t serve any food. They said the lounge next door did, but that was closed. There was a little coffee & sandwich shop but they didn’t have cocktails. There is also a restaurant at the hotel called Dominca and they were having happy hour, so we shared a pizza and had a couple Pimm’s cup which is a traditional NOLA cocktail. Actually, we had two. It was happy hour after all.


After we had food in our bellies we walked to the restaurant where our dinner reservation was at, just to get oriented. It was raining and we were glad I’d brought an umbrella. We quickly found the restaurant, which was right near Bourbon Street, so we walked down there a bit. It’s fun at Halloween, but kind of obnoxious otherwise. We saw one guy whose friends were helping him walk down the street and it was obvious he was three sheets to the wind.
We didn’t stay long. When you’re not wasted, watching a bunch of waster people in the rain gets old quickly.

If you’ve read my trip report of that famous Halloween trip then you know The Swamp is the scene of the crime. Just do a search from Test Tube Shots.


Can you imagine drinking this much? Most Hurricane’s are fairly sweet. I will say that on this mystery trip I had the best Hurricane I have ever had. But that’s on another day.


We walked back to the hotel and had a drink in the lounge, which was open now.

I had a French 75.


I can’t remember what Zung had, but he like it. I think it may have been a Dark and Stormy.


After our drinks we went to our room and took a quick nap. We’d gotten up early and were hoping to find someplace to listen to some music tonight, but we’d gotten up so early, the nap was essential to do that. What can I say? People of our age need their naps to  be able to stay up even moderately late.
We got ready for dinner and walked to the restaurant. The rain had stopped.
We were seated and there were many people attending to us. Everyone seemed to have a very specific role. One person filled and refilled water. One person took care of our beverage and later on our dessert orders. Another person brought bread and butter. Yet another person took our order for appetizers and dinner.

Trying to get help with wine was a bit of a fiasco. We asked to speak to their Sommelier and it was the Maitre d’  who was studying to be a sommelier. My son, who works at a higher end pizza restaurant knows more about wine than this guy. The wine we got was decent though and the food was good. It was in fact the restaurant we had eaten at that Halloween.


We shared the shrimp remolaude for an appetizer. That was good.


Zung liked his crab cakes a lot.


My Pontchetrain which is fish with crab on top was decent. The vegetables were quite good.


Zung’s flan was good. I had the tiniest bite but I can’t really eat flan anymore or it would bite me back.


Most restaurants suffer from a lack of desserts for those of us that have any kind of dairy intolerance. They did have a dish called Strawberry’s Arnaud that was strawberries  that were marinated in port served over ice cream and with whipped cream on top. I had them just serve me the marinated strawbery’s and it came with a cookie spoon and it was quite delicious.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and listened to the music in the lounge. I went to the concierge and asked if they were able to help me get reservations at the restaurant Nicholas had recommended, Restaurant August. He was fun to talk to. He complained that restaurants just don’t hold tables for the concierges anymore and they just don’t know how to run the fron of house anymore. We chatted a bit and somehow he mentioned that he and his wife went to Italy for their honeymoon and he kept trying to make gnocchi and I mentioned how amazing my son’s gnocchi was and that he lived in Italy. The conversation ended with him saying he would try and get me a reservation by checking if they had any cancellations tomorrow. I think we really bonded over the gnocchi discussion. LOL.

We had a couple of drinks in the lounge. Zung and I. Not the concierge. We managed to stay up until 11.  It had been a long but enjoyable day. I was looking forward to the next day of our mystery getaway that ended up with our being in a place we enjoy so much.



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