Last Day of the Wing It Vacation

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We had breakfast at MOzen, at the Mandarin Oriental.


We packed up and checked out and left our bags with the bellboys. We took an Uber to the Fashion Show mall. When I look back at my credit card statement, it looks like I bought a couple long sleeved t-shirts at Calvin Klein, a couple pairs of jeans at Seven for All Mankind, a new blingy case for my phone, which meant I retired my old blingy case for my phone. There is also a charge for Neiman Marcus. I wonder what I bought there?

From my pictures, I can see there was also a purchase at Nordstrom. Love Nordstrom.



We had a light lunch at Luke’s Lobster, which is a little counter place in the outside area. We had lobster rolls, which I remember being fairly decent. We went over to the Wynn, as you can see from the above pictures. Or at least we went as far as where the pictures were taken. We went back to the Mandarin and reclaimed out bags and went to the airport where we got some Ethel M chocolates and then boarded our plane and came home.

It was definitely not the trip we planned and had been looking forward to. I wish we had thought to go to Las Vegas before we booked that second night at the Hyatt. I actually wrote an email to them saying I thought it was price-gouging and they basically said, yes, that’s what we do when there is a high demand. They said we could always ask to talk to a manager, but I fail to see what good that would do. Their goal was to make a profit by taking advantage of people during a difficult time. Fortunately, there are other hotels in San Francisco, lots of other hotels to consider the next time we are there. I won’t say we absolutely wouldn’t stay there again, but I will say I will consider other hotels and not automatically book that one, the way I have so many times before.

End of rant.

It had been a nice vacation in the end. But it had still been left us missing Napa. So we decided to go there after New Year’s. All the wineries we get newsletters from, and clubs we belong to said that after the fires, they really needed people to come back. The wine tourism is an important part of what keeps it a thriving area. We were happy to oblige!

The next trip I will blog about will be our Mystery Vacation.



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