Brunch With Friends

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Chris used to be a Marine. That means he is always at least 15 minutes early. To life. We were going to be treated to a meat lovers brunch at their home. He was picking us up. I don’t know when. You don’t really expect me to remember that, do you? Whatever time it was, I told him not to come early.

He made it pretty close to not early. We arrived to his lovely home. It was indeed a meat lovers brunch. Chris loves him some meat.


There were pancakes and Nita made Zung an omelette. They had some mimosas, but the champagne was kind of flat. Chris took Zung and jumped in his car and went to get new champagne. It made better mimosas.

Nita and I got a chance to talk about what women talk about. Shopping and shoes. And traveling without our husbands.


They have a beautiful pool and deck and Zung chilled out there.



Zung brought his trophy to show Chris. Photo op!


There was apparently dancing at some point. At least that’s what this photographically evidence points to.


We had a good visit.

When Chris took us back to the hotel we went shopping. I had not been planning on pool time and therefore had not brought any pool attire. The Mandarin Oriental has an awesome pool with awesome poolside service. I wasn’t about to let that go to waste.

I was able to quickly find something at Tommy Bahama. They had flippies to. They weren’t up to my usual blingy standards, but they had a pattern and a little gold shell. I didn’t have time to be picky. I took my purchases and we went back to the hotel and I made my way to the pool. Zung stayed in the room and did some work.

My pool time was awesome. I ordered drinks and a hot dog. You can dress it up, but hot dogs are still hot dogs. And who eats their hot dog with big ole onion rings?


Dinner was at the Italian restaurant that Susie and I were too tired to enjoy last time. I was more alert and able to enjoy this dinner more.


This was another good vacation day save.




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  1. You did not post a picture of the non-blingy bathing suit. Was it not up to your usual classy style?

  2. It was classy, but boring. Just a plain navy blue bikini. Maybe I can bedazzle it.

  3. We are always delighted to have you and Zung in our home! We look forward to the next time for sure! Thank you!

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