Las Vegas, Here We Come

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We got up on Wednesday and had some breakfast. There are no pictures, so I can’t tell you if what we had or where we had it. We checked out of our overpriced, postage stamp sized room at the Hyattand went to the airport. We returned the car. Enterprise has a slick system. You drive up with your rental car. They check you in right there and you are done. No lines to wait in after returning the car.

We checked in with Southwest so we could drop our bags. Then we made our way to our gate and were on our way to Las Vegas. When we arrived we got our bags and called an Uber. It’s a quick drive to the Mandarin Oriental. I don’t like to stay in hotels where I have to go through or by a casino. I get way overstimulated and then I get cranky because of all the disgusting cigarette smoke. The Mandarin has awesome rooms and stellar service and such a calming atmosphere. It is expensive but worth it. What can I say? I am a hotel diva.

After checking in we took our bags to our room. We were starving. It’s possible that we only had coffee, tea and pastry for breakfast. We decided to have lunch at MOzen Bistro, one of the restaurants at the Mandarin. The capital O is not a typo. That is the way they spell it. It was quite a good lunch and great service to match.

I think I had some chicken. It was a pretty large serving for lunch.


Zung had a Bento Box. And I see wine in this picture, which is no big surprise.


I’m not sure what we did after lunch. I think we might have done some shopping. We came back to the hotel so Zung could get a nap before dinner.

The Mandarin has a Moët vending machine in the lobby. For $25 they will give you a special coin for the machine. They also give you a sipper attachment. I have always wanted to get some champagne from this vending machine because it is such a fun idea.


We went up to our room where a surprise cupcake awaited us. When we had checked in they asked if we were celebrating anything and I said my birthday, which is in about a week. So I had bubbles and a cupcake. This trip was definitely looking up.


Zung took a nap and I caught up on Facebook and took a nap also. The Mandarin has nice, comfortable beds and this encourages sleeping!

When we both were awake we got ready for dinner, which was going to be at a restaurant at the Crystal shopping mall nearby. It’s the one that has all the designer shops, which are fun to look at but out of my price range. Well, except for the shoes. But you know that.

We headed over for dinner. The restaurant was open to the shopping mall. I was way overdressed for it, but remember, I had planned to be dressing for Napa. I probably would have been overdressed for most restaurants in Napa too, but I don’t care. I dress to make myself happy and don’t care how other people are dressed. Within reason. I don’t want to be wearing an evening gown where everyone else is wearing jeans. Unless it’s Frasca because almost everyone wears jeans there. And it would be a toned down evening gown. Not one with a lot of beading or sequins. Maybe some sequins though.

But I digress. I have a digressing habit.

We weren’t wowed by the food at the restaurant, Mastro’s. It billed itself as a steak and seafood restaurant. Nothing was bad, and nothing was really good. In all fairness, last night’s dinner was so amazing, most meals would pale in comparison.

This was also one of those restaurants that tries to make up for quality with quantity.


Travel days are always tiring, so we went back to our room to finish the wine and so I could soak in the awesom tub.

Tomorrow we were going to our friend’s, Chris and Nita, for breakfast. Chris and I went to high school together. However we get along better now than we did then. We always look forward to seeing them.

We reconnected on Facebook. Gotta love Facebook!



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  1. I’m going to Vegas next week. I am so going to go look for that Moët vending machine! 🙂


  2. Mastro’s has been on my list for a while. The martini’s looked good and so does the butter cake. I want to try it just for those two things.

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