Day 2 of the Change of Plans Vacation

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I didn’t take any notes during this trip, so everything is from memory.  And pictures. Thank goodness for pictures.

Thank goodness for Yelp. I don’t know what I did before I discovered Yelp. Mostly I use it for restaurants, although I have used it for other things too. I try to leave reviews too. Gotta give back.

On a trip that is not in your regular neighborhood, it’s really a valuable tool.

So, I checked my trusty Yelp and found a place for breakfast that we could walk to. It was a crepe place. Their system was a little confusing. There was a line, so we got in that. We could see them bring food out to the tables. But it appeared that the vast majority of the tables had  numbers, both occupied tables and vacant tables. When it was our turn to order she asked what table number we had. They wanted you to claim a table and then tell them what it was when you ordered. Zung went and got a table and I ordered.

Zung got his coffee. And…


Why look at that! I appear to have a mimosa. Now this is what I call a vacation. This is my first mimosa of the vacation. Unless I had one yesterday at lunch. And if I did, I can’t remember it now.


The crepes were good. Worth the wait and it’s always nice to have something different.


This one must be Zung’s because it has lot’s of vegetables in it.


After breakfast we went back to the hotel and Zung called Southwest to change our flights, and I booked us for the Mandarin Oriental in Vegas. I also sent a message to our friend Chris, who lives with his wife in Las Vegas, to see if they were available to get together.

Then we walked to the Museum of Modern Art. I am not a huge museum afficiando. As museums go, it was fine. We did see this on the way, and it looked like it should have been part of an art exhibit, but it was on some random street.


It is in black and white because I used it for my Facebook black and white challenge. That is where you post a black and white picture once a day for seven days, and you don’t use any words to describe it. I can’t remember if you weren’t allowed to have any people in the picture. It was fun going through my pictures and trying to find ones that made a good black and white.

After the museum we went to Nieman’s for afternoon tea.


I always get the champagne. Why, of course I do. Hey, I was supposed to be tasting wine all day, not looking at weird stuff that’s called art. Give me a break.

Afternoon tea at Neiman’s is always a treat. Today was no exception.

Zung went back to the hotel to take a nap. I went to DSW, because the Union Square DSW is epic. I found a pair of cute shoes. Well, of course I did.

I had made reservations for dinner at a place I had heard about several before. Nicholas said it was supposed to be good.

We took an Uber to the restaurant, Night Bird. It is described as a boutique restaurant. It was pretty small. There was a tasting menu, but they did make some alterations because of my food intolerance and preferences. I have a weird intolerance because I can’t consume milk or cream or soft cheese products like cream cheese, sour cream, etc. I can have butter and harder cheeses like cheddar, mozzarella, etc. They wanted to give me something with mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. So they nixed the mushrooms.

I was starting to feel very high maintenance , and while I probably am, I try not to be obnoxious about it. They made me a really lovely dish and the whole meal was amazing. One of the best meals I’ve had in San Francisco, which is saying a lot because I’ve eaten in some pretty damn good restaurants in San Fran.

They did give us a menu, but they said it was sealed and we could open it or just see what was brought out. We chose to be surprised.

The joke on us was that we took it home to show Nicholas and I realized the menu was on the back, so we could have simply flipped it over to see it.


Everything was so good and if you get the opportunity to eat here, go! I also want to mention the service because as far as we could tell, there was only one server for the entire restaurant and he did a phenomenal job.

Tomorrow we headed to Vegas. All in all, today had turned out pretty well.



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