Time to Go Home

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We wake up pretty early. It is our going home day. The going home day is always sad. There’s no denying it. So, I’m sad.

We go to breakfast. I’m not going to tell you where because if you don’t know that by now then you are definitely going to fail the quiz at the end. I’m just kidding. There is no quiz.

We sit in Azael’s section and he asks if I want Chillaquilles. Since it’s my last opportunity to have Grand Chillaquilles, which are the best, I say yes. However, today they are not the best, they are soggy and I don’t eat much. Azael notices and asks what’s wrong. When I tell him that they are soggy, he offers to have them remade, but I say no. It’s ok. I go get some fruit and say goodbye to Olivia.

It is getting cloudy. We walk back to room and pack. The heavens open up and it pours. The heavens are sad that we are leaving too.


Eventually the sun comes out and we go out for a bit.  I have two mimosas. I go in the water, well, my feet go in the water. I say goodbye to the ocean and promise to be back soon.


We go back to shower and get done with everything earlier than we expected to, so we call the bell boys and ask if they can come early. It’s just too sad waiting for them to come, knowing there is nothing we can do to prevent our vacation from ending.

The saddest moment is when I put my watch back on.


I leave a tip for butlers. I always tip the butler who checks us in $20, but after that I only tip when they give us a golf cart ride somewhere. There are several that take care of us, and I’m never sure who did what. They really did a great job of helping to make Zung’s birthday celebration memorable and I want to acknowledge that.

We go to La Brisa for lunch. Then we make the sad walk to the lobby.

Lander and Rafael come out of one of the offices just as we are walking by. It was almost like they were watching a secret camera because they came out at exactly the right time. We tell them it was really an amazing visit and we look forward to the next one.

We go to the front desk and check out. Canada Tranfers came at 1:30 and left. I had requested they come at 2:30, so I call and he says he will be back.

We go to bar and drink champagne while we wait. Canada Transfers gets there about 25 minutes later. I show him email confirming 2:30. This is the only time that I have had any problems with them.

We get to the airport in plenty of time and check in. We go to our gate. However they have us get on a bus to go to the plane. They tell us to get on the bus in order because Southwest boards by boarding position and then you choose your seat. When we get to the plane I wait for the people who got on the bus in front of me to get off first. There is a stupid woman who asks me while I’m politely waiting, “are you going to go?” Apparently she wasn’t paying attention or was ignoring the instructions about getting on and off the bus. Whatever.

At the end of the flight, the flight attendants are told to take their seats early, then to take them immediately. That freaks me out a little. Thankfully the turbulence is not bad. Immigration goes really quick with the kiosk check in.

At the end of the day, or in this case, at the end of a vacation, Colorado is not a bad place to come home to.

I have been writing this blog for seven and a half years. I have always been wowed by the number of people that read it and that give me my rock star moments at the Grand. I am so happy that they tell me how helpful it was to their vacation decision and planning.

However,  I think it is time for me to take a bit of a sabbatical. At this point I have a solo trip I took in August that I took really good notes for. I also want to blog about our trip to Napa, that wasn’t because we arrived at the same time that those devastating fires did and how me punted. Finally, we have a mystery trip coming up next month. So, I am certain I will be back. I’m not even sure how long this sabbatical will be. I just know that I’m taking one. Until the next time, I hope you have a great start to 2018!


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  1. Don’t be gone too long, Andrea. Lol.
    I very much enjoy all your “Grand” insights… Happy New Year !!

    1. Thanks Jack! Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. I always looked forward to reading your blog on Sunday evenings. You do deserve a break but will be missed. Enjoy your sabbatical. Colleen

  3. I haven’t read your blog in several months but I caught up on what I missed. Although your vacations to the Grand are usually the same it never gets boring and I still enjoy reading about them. I enjoy your Vegas blogs too since that’s my happy place as well. Looking forward to reading more in 2018.

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