Same Old Thing

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It is our last full day. It is a beautiful one.


We have no surprises for breakfast. We go to Bella Vista. Azael is back in the Gourmet restaurant, which is where all the sales people take their groups for the sales pitch for The Club. If you are wondering what the Club is about and want to just get a sample then you can purchase a few days of Star Prestige. It is a 3 day minimum, so you don’t have to do it for your entire stay. I believe it is $60 per person per day.

Today there are quite a few people getting the pitch.

I order chillaquilles.

After breakfast we go back to room and get ready for the beach. I spend some time in the water. It is nice and calm.

Today is the same old routine. We go to lunch when we get hungry. Alfredo comes by and wants to know where his picture is. So I take it and post it on the FB Grand page.

I have grilled fish, which is presented all fancy. The Grand has definitely stepped up their game in food presentation.


Then it’s back to the beach for awhile. Then back to the room. Then some time in the Jacuzzi.


Okay, I’m just unabashedly showing off here.


I have a rock star moment while waiting for a golf cart to go to dinner. We are going to the Italian restaurant.


This is the dress I wore for Zung’s birthday party. It is a Rent the Runway dress. I really fell in love with it. Just love the color.

I have just a small amount of wine and I am seeing double again. I wonder if it’s the Tylenol I took for my back pain. Lander comes by to say hi and I have a really hard time looking at him. Mayvany also comes by.


Dinner was really good. The pasta and shrimp really was delicious.

After dinner we go to bar, but just to tell Daniel we’re not staying because my back is hurting again. Then it’s back to the room. We have brought wine with us from diner. I finish it, then have some rum. Then go to sleep. 

Tomorrow is the sad going home day.


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  1. Love your shoes! ❤️What brand are they?

    1. They are Prada. I got them on sale. However, my son’s girlfriend has a friend who works at Prada in Milan and she can get a great discount so I keep my eye out for Prada shoes and purses if I have a windfall.

  2. Such a pretty dress and color! Loving the jacuzzi photos, too!

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