Career Changing Conversation with a Stranger on the Beach

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We get up early, 7 am, to meet Chris and Helen for breakfast before they leave. They are sitting in Emilio’s section. Is it my imagination, or does Azael look sad when he sees us sit down? We enjoy a nice breakfast.

I have chilaquiles. This is quickly becoming my favorite breakfast treat.


Zung got the usual.


Chris and Helen have to leave around 9. We say goodbye after breakfast. It was nice getting to share the Grand with them.

We go back to the room and then the beach. I always go down first. My back starts to twinge. It gets worse as the day goes by. I think it may be from moving my beach lounger. They are heavy and not easy to move.

We have a certificate for two 30 minute massages and I schedule them for later this afternoon.A nice gentleman, Derek, stops and says hi. I have learned to ask if someone knows me from my blog or Facebook. He actually knows me from both. He and his wife are here, celebrating their 35th anniversary.

Initially, this appeared to be just a routine Rockstar moment. However, the conversation we had changed the course of my professional path, which pulled me out of a depression I didn’t even know I was in.

He sat down and we got to talking about my blog and he said that his daughter was a very successful professional blogger. I mentioned that my son was always encouraging me to run ads on my blog. Something clicked and I thought, maybe I could be a professional blogger. He told me how to get in touch with his daughter and said he was sure she would be willing to talk to me and give me advice.

There is a lot of background that I won’t go into here because this is basically a travel blog and my professional career doesn’t have anything to do with traveling. I did make the leap to beginning a career as a professional blogger in August. I haven’t gotten to the point where I am making money. I love it though. I chose breastfeeding advice as my niche since other than vacationing at the Grand, that is what I’m an expert at. I still have a day job. Well, part of the day, part-time day job. And I never feel like I’m putting enough time towards my blog. But it gives me something to look forward to doing. It makes me happy and crazy and all of those things that make us fulfilled professionally.

So, Derek, our little brief conversation on the beach that day was a really pivotal moment in my life. Thanks.

His daughter did talk to me. She was incredibly kind and generous with her time and information.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog.

Zung eventually comes down and soon we go to lunch.

My back is hurting quite a bit by now.

I have salad,  lobster, fries, and flan.

77600086-B4FF-42EA-8A0D-C3121B7AC5C4494BB05B-9020-40D0-8452-52ED5E6068EDB9687DAE-F4CE-4224-8AFD-8A5A12090F9F32A2B60C-32C3-4065-AC7B-5F6218D481A2Zung has the usual.


After lunch, we rest until our massages. I ask him to focus on my lower back. It doesn’t help. I tell Zung I’m going to go sit in the Jacuzzi on the balcony. But when I get up to the room there is a bubble bath, tea light candles, rose petals. It is very nice.


I get in the bath. Zung comes up. Gets in too. We still have the champagne from last night and after the bath we have some of that on the balcony.


We get ready to go to dinner. This was a Rent the Runway dress and I didn’t love it. But I had so much going on right before this trip that I didn’t have the time to order the dresses and send them back until I got only ones I loved. So I settled.


Dinner is at Haiku. We ask for a regular table and have to wait because they have us down for hibachi. I’m not sure why because I didn’t ask for the hibachi. The moral of that is to confirm when you make your dinner reservations whether it is for a regular table or the hibachi.

After just one glass of wine, my vision is double, but I’m not drunk. And no, this is not the alcohol tampering you may have read in the sensationalized articles published earlier in the year. I have been on a new medication for my trigeminal neuralgia. I think it is from that.

Raul comes by to say hi. He says he has a birthday present for Zung. He’ll give it to him tomorrow.

Zung, the official photographer, has definitely been slacking on the food photographs.

He has some tempura.


I have some sushi, which actually isn’t exactly the right name for this. I think it’s nigiri. The salmon was especially good.


After dinner, we skip the bar and go back to the room. We drink champagne. I can barely keep my eyes open. So I don’t.




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  1. I hope your back started feeling better, Andrea…

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