Helen and Chris’s Last Full Day- Can You Say Jewelry Shopping?

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We have breakfast at Bella Vista.


We enjoy the beautiful day. The beautiful view. We are entertained by the cute kitties, hangin out, waiting for someone to feed them. Which they do. These kitties don’t go hungry. They get some very good food.


Afterwards Helen and I go to the shopping center to shop for jewelry. I see earrings I like that would go with my pink necklace, even before I walk in the door. The salesman smells a sale. He’ll give me a discounted price, the best price. What price do I want to pay? We go back and forth for awhile. Then we come to an agreement. We go to another store, Helen finds two pendants with one chain. We go back to the guys.

I tell Zung, honey, look what I got me for your birthday.

The view from the open part fo the dome is beautiful too.


As is the beach.


It is a grueling morning. We lay on beach. Go in water. Go to lunch. Azael is our waiter.

Zung doesn’t have shrimp fajitas.  He has the grilled fish.

Who are you, and what have you done with my husband?



My french fries not hot. I do something I rarely do. I send them back. Azael brings me new ones that are blazing hot. I can just imagine the chefs saying, she wants hot? I’ll give her hot!

A picture with my favorite manager. LOL.


Bet you can’t guess what I had for dessert. I’ll give you a hint.


Back to the beach. Rest. I don’t really nap. Back to the room and get ready for dinner.

The front of the dress is nice.


But the back is really what makes this dress special.


It is Helen and Chris’s last dinner, so we eat together at Toni’s. There are some loud people. Really, really loud. Annoyingly loud.

Chris has chicken and says it is the best chicken he has ever had.

The food is really good all around.

I have the pear salad, which I thought was pretty bland the first time I had it but it’s really tasty this time.


I have been talking to Olivia about a cake for Zung. The first day we had breakfast, whe was telling him happy birthday and her boss overhead and told her they should make him a cake for dinner one night and she asked me which night would be best. I figured it would be a big enough cake that we would want to share it with Helen and Chris, so I said their last night. I told her he liked chocolate cake and fruit. It was white cake with chocolate on it and with LOTS of whipped cream, and fruit. He was surprised. They really went above and beyond to make this special birthday memorable.


After dinner we go to the Lobby Bar. I exchange money first. Gustavo tells me what Daniels gf looks like and Daniel intimates she was at Toni’s. But I think they might be leading me on.

We take a group picture.


The four of us take a golf cart back to room, where there are strawberries and a bubble bath. They put a bottle of champagne in fridge. I guess they ran out of ice buckets. They did leave glasses. We didn’t notice until after we have already poured rum. Oh well.


What can I say? Another great day.

Helen and Chris leave tomorrow. We have a breakfast date arranged with them. It feels like the end of our trip will be here too soon.


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  1. i really admire that you dress and groom so beautifully in that climate. I know that I would be lazy in that weather. I was so impressed with the photos of your food that I had to share with my husband. I would have thought “all inclusive” means substandard but that is obviously not the case at the Grand. It looks 5 star – no wonder you love it there. Happy Birthday Zung!

    1. Thank you! I will confess, I LOVE dressing up. Absolutely love it. It’s fun for me. And this all-inclusive is not substandard at all. I’m an admitted hotel snob who loves good food and high end everything. For people like me, this hotel is an incredible value.

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