It Never Gets Boring

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Victor was here for the evening shift last night and is here again this morning. He only got three hours sleep. He is one hard working man. And a smile on his face again this morning.

We have breakfast at Bella Vista. Azael is back. I ask how his day off was and he says it was very nice.  I have Chillaquilles.


Zung has his omelette and we both have mango mimosas.


We don’t see Helen and Chris, so I text her and ask if they are still here. LOL. We go to beach and they eventually come out.

The water is rough. I go in up to my knees. Before lunch we stop by the pool bar to say hi to Humberto. He’s very happy. He has had the same girlfriend for three years, and says he is very happy. Happy is very good.

We go to lunch at La Brisa. Today I order the Arrachera. Wilmerth tells me that they have to go get it from another restaurant and will I want it again tomorrow because if so, they’ll have it ready for me. I say no, just today. It’s very good. If I wasn’t trying to not eat so much red meat, I definitely would have it again tomorrow. Damn that high cholesterol.

This is such an unattractive picture of me, but Wilmerth looks great. Such a baby face.


Looking at this picture makes my mouth water. Guess what I’m having for dinner tonight, as I type this. Yea, fish.


Azael always offers me some coconut ice cream . At least he listens to me now when I say just one scoop. I love how they serve it in a martini glass. As you can see from the two spoons, Zung and I shared it. I can eat coconut ice cream until I am sick, But a few spoonfuls taste delicious too, and incur less guilt.


After lunch there is more beach. We go back to the room early so we can sit in our Jacuzzi on the balcony. But we can’t get it to work. Zung finally does, but not until after I get out. Oh well, we got some good pictures anyway.


There’s always a mad dash after he sets up the self-timer.  He’s lucky he doesn’t slip and hurt himself.

The little mini-tripod that Dave gave us works great. Love it!


Helen and Chris get moved to our building because of paint smell in their room, due to work being done in the room next door. Fail!

We get ready for dinner.


We both are eating at the gourmet but don’t sit together. We have Lupita again as our server.. Dinner is really good. The Gourmet was never my favorite restaurant. In fact, it was the least favorite of all the restaurants. They have made some changes to their menu and they have really stepped up their game.

This is their fancy amuse bouche.


Zung has scallops for his app. They look gorgeous but taste good as well!


I have the tuna tartare. I get this every time because it is so good. The darkerpink stuff is strawberry soup. Sounds like a weird combo, but trust me, it works. And I don’t even know what those things are on top, other than crunchy yumminess.


This was Zung’s entree, and I’m not gonna lie. I can’t remember and it’s not in my notes.


I was too busy gushing about my entree.

I have Pig confit, it was recommended by Steve. Steve is a carnivore. I don’t think I have ever seen a pice of bread or pasta ever pass his lips. He doesn’t even kiss it. A recommendation from this meat lover says a lot. It is very good. Very, very good. The top is crispy and the meat is so good. I think Steve said they cook it forever to get it so tender. It was so delicious. More drooling on my keyboard.


My dessert is huge. It could serve three. Huge portions is something they need to leave in the US.


This was Zung’s.


We stop and talk to people from my first night rock star moment. They really like it. People at table next to us also recognized me from blog.

Ah, the celebrity life. LOL.

We go to bar with Helen and Chris, stay until about 11. We talked about going to the show but nobody was energetic enough to get up and go.

We have two chocolate cake shots. Well, I did at least. I can’t speak for anyone else.

Chris won the movie music trivia game.They gave him a medal.


Bivi gave it to him and then looked at me and said she didn’t think I remembered her and then covered up her name tag when I said I did remember. I could not remember her name and then asked Daniel.

Oh wait, I did make a note about the chocolate cake shots. First was with all four of us, then just Helen and me.

We all go back to room. There champagne. I have two glasses. Probably shouldn’t have.


It never gets boring, or at least, if this is “boring” sign me up for a life time membership.



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  1. I like your starfish earrings! And the dress for dinner, classy yet shows off your figure (sometimes a hard combination to find). I’m hesitant to go to the gourmet next trip – menu doesn’t thrill me but now think it may be fun to try! Your blog has be looking forward to going back (sooner than I had though, 6 weeks!).

    1. Amy, I am going to confess that when I looked at that picture of me in that dress, I thought, damn, I look great, my waist looks so tiny. I was being very diligent about working out before this trip. Not sure it would look as good today, but I have photographic proof that it did once. LOL.
      Have a great time! So wish that I was going soon.

  2. Hi Andrea! So fun reading your blog as we return again before Christmas…..what a perfect Christmas gift!!!! ❤️

  3. Anyone have a copy of the wine list?

    1. I asked for one but they said it changes too often.

      1. I never remember to ask for a wine list, but at dinner especially, whatever the serve is always so good!

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