Just another day on vacation

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3F0EB871-D442-43A6-B788-5A44832C3730We sleep until 9:20. Sleeping that late never happens. I guess that’s what happens when you stay up late. But it was worth it. Who cares anyway? We’re on vacation!

We head off to Bella Vista. It is Azael’s day off so we ask for Angel. We see Janelle and Steve, so we say goodbye again. They’ll be back soon. I do’t even know when their next trip is. But they come frequently enough that I know they’ll be back soon.

This is Zun’s daily omelette. He’s got some smoked salmon on his plate. They came through with the promise to get some smoked salmon for Helen. He gave her so much that she wanted to share with us.

156BB347-BC8A-4CBD-8775-FC46063E76E2After breakfast we go to the beach. On the way out there, I ask the butler if I can get a dress ironed. It is hanging in my closet later when we get back from beach.

It is a nice beach day.


We have lunch with Helen and Chris. Since Azael is not here, I ask for Angel. Chris says that Emilio is really good, and then I say Angel is my favorite. Chris wants Emilio though, and I give in. Good relationships, including friendships are about compromising now and then. And Emilio was good. Not good enough to replace Azael and Angel, but he was good.

Chris orders arrachera, and gives me a taste, and its really good. It’s not on the menu, but they will make it if you request it. It did take awhile though.


I order lobster quesadillas and the manager, Alfredo, who is taking our order thinks that’s a riot. He looks at me and says, “Lobster quesadillas?” He says it like that is the most unusual request he’s ever gotten. I tell him that they’ve made them for me before. He is still looking at me like it’s a crazy request. Then he starts to write it down, laughing and shaking his head. It gave me a good laugh, seeing his response.

Requested lobster quesadillas.


Zung’s shrimp fajitas.


I have a little brownie for dessert that is really good. It is pretty much the only thing not made with milk or cream, which is still not my friend. I do eat the coconut ice cream, but not every day.

I have a bite of Helens flan, which is pretty freaking delicious. We have lots of wine, so afterwards we go back to the beach and doze.

We do take some pictures of this guy.


When it is time, we go back to our room and get ready for dinner.

72BD84F1-CB36-4BF5-A352-7BB0E3082913D790FE85-A1B4-488F-8352-9B1C0BC43E1AWe are at the Mexican in Las Brisa for dinner. Just Zung and I. Lupita is our waitress. She’s a riot. She has us laughing all evening.

I have some ceviche and make a small salad, which I’ve been craving. Lander, the new GM, comes by. He said that he heard that I like Havana Club rum, and gives me Havana that he brought back, straight from Cuba. This is unexpected, so nice, and so personal. I think he and I are going to get along great. We talk about rum and I ask him if he likes rum. He says yes, he likes sweet rums. I ask if he has ever tried Zara rum, which is a rum that we get at home and it is probably the sweetest rum of all those we have tasted. He says he has never heard of it. I tell him that I will bring him some the next time we are here. It is about $30, $20 on a good sale. Honestly, it is better than rums I have tasted at twice the price.


We have the Mole and the Tacos el Pastor. We have had these before and they are good as always. The chicken is fall off the bone tender.

It is a beautiful evening.


After dinner we get ride to lobby.

We see Rafael and chat. I ask to see pictures of his kids. They are getting so big, especially the baby. They are all blonde, like his wife.


Daniel’s mystery woman calls and he has a big smile on his face. He says I’m like a second mom because I always tell him what to do. I am glad that he is seeing someone who makes him smile like that.

We don’t stay past ten tonight. Helen and Chris never show up. We go back to the room. Read and drink some rum.
I realize that I am coughing less. It must be Mexico. Perhaps I will just have to move here.

Our days here don’t vary much. Eat, drink beach, repeat. I love that kind of repetition.

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