Dinner at L’Etoile

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Helen, Chris, Zung and I take a golf cart over to the Maya for dinner. That is, we get a ride by one of the bell boys in a golf cart. They chauffeur you around in the golf carts. They don’t give you one to drive around yourself.

We walk through the Maya lobby, which has really beautiful Mayan artwork and sculptures. If you’ve never walked through before, it is a must do. We walk through the snake bar, another must-see, to L’Etoile, the gourmet restaurant of the Maya. We are seated.

They give us water and ask if we want something to drink. We ask for the wine list.  They give it to Zung, and he chooses a wine we that we have to pay extra for. Zung notices that there are a lot of wines on the all-inclusive list at the Grand  that are extra here. AF628E93-122B-4353-B5B1-A7FC37D185B8837B92FB-58B3-44E6-B3FD-6FFB44B4BB1BWe order dinner. It is just ok. Not bad, but not amazing.


As always, a good dinner is more about good company than the food. That part was very good.


There is one last thing to do before we go back to the Grand. Although, for the life of me, I can’t remember why they did it.


Time to go back to Grand. We go to the front entrance and ask the bell boy to call the Grand for a golf cart. There are some other people waiting for rides, who are from the Maya. You can tell from their wrist bands. The golf cart for us arrives. We can tell from the bell boy who is driving it. When some of the Maya people start to get in, the driver points to us, and says, “I am here for them.” Awkward!

We get in and return to the Grand. We hang at bar for awhile.


Chocolate cake shots were had by all. Now, that’s a shot I can do!

Do you ever wonder why drinking a shot is referred to like that. You don’t say you want to drink a shot. You say you want to do a shot. Or you say to others, let’s do some shots. I wonder about those kinds of things. Actually, I don’t usually wonder. I Google it.

Steve and Janelle show up. The ladies have a shoe-off.


Not too much later, Helen and Chris leave.

Zung and I stay for awhile with Janelle and Steve, since it is their last night. They leave tomorrow. They come several times in a year though, so they will be back soon.

We get a little goofy.


We end up staying at the bar with them until late. I had a couple shots when we first arrived, but nothing after that.

It’s 1 o’clock! I love it when we can be real grown-ups and stay late at the bar, We finally back to room. It has been a good first full day of our vacation. I love the first couple of days of vacation, because there are so many more left.


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  1. Such a great time!!

  2. What a wonderful time you all had!! We have our 50th coming up in February. Thinking about doing the Grand since we did our 40th there the first year we went to the Grand. Would love to have you and hubby share with us. Let me know. And anyone else who would like to attend!!

    1. I am not sure I’ll be able to get any vacation time then, but will definitely consider it if I can. 50 is awesome! Congratulations. When in Feb?

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