First Vacation Lunch

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We go to La Brisa for lunch. I think that we ought to check out the new Beach Bar/Grill sometime this trip. It has opened since we were here in January. Spoiler alert! We never do check it out. We like to be inside, in the air conditioned comfort and the fabulous view. Zung likes his shrimp fajitas. I like my French Fries fresh, hot and crispy.


And I like it when Azael asks me to make sure they are the way that I like them. However, he is not there today. I ask for Angel’s section. He is my second favorite. Helen amid Chris join us. Helen and I have white wine. I have more than I had planned to. These waiters just keep filling your glass and all your vows of moderation go out with the tide.

I have lobster.


Helen has the grilled fish.


Zung has his favorite, shrimp fajitas. Chris has some Arrachera steak, but I didn’t get a picture of it.


We have some coconut ice cream. . Yum.


We go back to the beach to get a well deserved nap, after all that wine and food. Zung naps. I try to, but as toasted as I am from my wine fest at lunch, I do not fall asleep.

When we are goo and ready to leave the beach, we go up to room to get ready for dinner.


We go to the lobby bar to meet up with Helen and Chris. Steve and Janelle are there. We take some pictures, and we promise to meet later, after dinner, since this is their last night.

I posted previously that I gave Janelle her necklace on the beach, but actually I give it to her now.


Steve thinks that something is pretty funny.


Of course we have to take a picture of our sweet Daniel.


Helen and Chris arrive and we get golf cart over to Maya to have dinner at their gourmet restaurant,  L’Etoile. Our friends, Joe and David, highly recommended this restaurant, so we are branching out from the Grand restaurants.

We are ready for a new adventure!



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  1. Looking fab in that dress, my friend! 🙂

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