It’s Not Vacation Until the CROW

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It is a quick golf cart ride to Building 71. They always put us in this building. I can’t even remember when they have put us in the other ocean front building (Building 70). Victor and Trini greet us when we pull up. It’s always lovely to see Victor. Well, it’s lovely to see them all, but I think we’ve know Victor the longest. Our bell boy takes us up to our room, 7141. This has become “our” room. They almost always put us here. It is an ocean front corner suite and it is on the 3rd floor, next to the jungle. I always book the corner suite now. I really like that jacuzzi on the balcony.

The room is decorated with balloons. There are golf shirts for us, flowers, rose petals on the bed, a fruit basket, and a meat and cheese platter. I just nibble on this because we have dinner reservations in 45 min. There is a birthday cake. There is a present for Zung. It is a picture of us when we were here at New Year’s in a nice frame that is decorated with sea shells. Where did they get that picture? There is also a birthday card that has been signed by many of the staff. It is so nice for this milestone birthday to be acknowledge in such a personal way.




We go out on the balcony and I perform the CROW. For you newbies, that is the Ceremonial Removal Of the Watch. This marks the official start to our vacation. I don’t wear a watch when I’m in Mexico, because I don’t care what time it is. And if I do, I just ask Zung.


There is also the requested bottle of Havana Siete.


Zung showers and puts on the robe. That is his official start to vacation.

We dress for dinner. We go to TONI’S and meet our friends, Chris and Helen. They have been here since Sunday. They left Denver the day after the party. I have an immediate rock star moment when a gentleman comes up to me and asks if I write a blog. It’s always fun when people say hi to me. When they tell me how helpful this blog is to their vacation planning, or even that it was the reason they came to the Grand, well, it keeps me going with this blog. He tells me that this blog is the reason they came here. They need to put me on the marketing staff. Seriously!

Mayvany, one of the assistant general managers, comes by and says hello. I stand up and give her a hug. She tells me that Lander wants to meet us. we chat for a bit and then she leaves.  Shortly after, she brings Lander by, and introduces him to us. He’s so nice, and easy on the eyes. He is young. He says very nice things to me. I wish I had remembered to have Zung take some pictures of both of them.

We have a nice dinner.




There is dessert. Zung’s dessert is accompanied by singing waiters and a candle.


Overall, it was a very good first dinner of our vacation.

We see Steve and Janelle as we leave, and say hi. We tell them that we will see them at the bar. Ha! Such optimism

To the bar! We sit at a table because there is not room at the bar for the four of us. I have a cucumber martini. We don’t stay long. We are all tired.

I comment that I haven’t coughed much since we arrived. I have had a chronic cough for weeks. We have some rum in the room from our bottle of Havana Siete. However, Zung is so tired that he’s falling asleep.

I cough all night long.


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  1. It was so great to see to guys again!!❤

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