Girl’s Trip – Day 3

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Sunday was our final full day. We had brunch reservations for Sunday brunch, but that wasn’t for awhile so I go down to the little coffe/pastry counter they have down by one of the restaurants to get us some pastries. They are pretty divine. No pics though. We scarf them too quickly. We do some shopping at the Fashion Show mall, which is just across one of the pedestrian bridges from the Wynn hotel. That is where our brunch is, at the Country Club restaurants. It is the Jazz brunch, because there is, you guessed it, live jazz.

I bet that you will also be able to guess that I have a mimosa, or two. But who’s counting?


They have a great buffet selection, and also entrees that you can order off the menu, which we do. They also take us through the buffet selections, telling Susie what is vegetarian, and tell me what has milk and cream.

We order some things off the menu. Susie has a Benedict that she has them modify to conform to her vegetarianess. That’s not a real word. I just made it up.


I order a hot dog, because it sounds special on the menu. But it turns out that it is just a hot dog. A decent hot dog, but I can’t say that I like hot dogs enough to let this one take up room in my stomach when there are all those other yummy things to eat. I also order some Benedicts, but just regular ones.

We are quite full when we are finished. I actually think I have only one mimosa. I asked for a second one, but he never brings it  to me.

And the staff here looks exactly like the people you’d find at a country club.

We take some pictures outside by the waterfalls and fountain. The fountain is synchronized with different songs, so we watch that for a bit.


We go back to shopping at Fashion Show Mall.

When we are fairly exhausted, we go back to the hotel. I rest. Susie works out. I will not comment on that.

We dress up and go to dinner at a restaurant that is at Mandalay Bay, since that is where the show is. There is more then one MJ show in Vegas, as I will later find out. This one is Michael Jackson One, which is a Cirque show. We both enjoy it. I had arranged to meet a friend from work for drinks after the show. I had seen on Facebook that she was also in Vegas, and she said she was going to an MJ show. I assumed there was only one. She was texting me, asking where I was, when the show had barely ended. Turns out, they were at a different show. Oh well!

When Susie and I went back to the hotel, we went to the bar and had a drink. We chatted with the bartender.

We were back in the room by ten. Clearly, we are not into the club scene, or whatever it is that people do after ten, in Vegas.

Monday was our travel day.

We ordered room service for breakfast.

I had this potato cake thing with an egg.


Susie had this healthy combo thing.


We had spa reservations for massages. We got there early so we could take advantage of the pools, jacuzzis and showers. A couple of the showers were not working, which was disappointing.

The massages were awesome. I’m pretty sure Susie has just a regular massage. However mine is a jade massage which involves all kinds of cool stuff.

We pack up and check out, leaving our stuff with the bell boys, and go get some lunch. I think. I can’t remember, but I can’t imagine that we go for very long without eating. We take an Uber to the airport. We declare this a very successful trip to Vegas, and an awesome girl’s trip.

Next up, our June trip to the Grand to celebrate Zung’s 70th birthday!


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  1. Love the food pictures. There are so many great places to eat in Vegas. We don’t go to the clubs anymore either up we are usually out until 12am to 1 gambling and casino hopping.

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