Girl’s Trip-Day 2

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Breakfast was at Hex, which is across the street and down a little, at the Paris hotel. Of course I start with a mimosa, this is a vacation, after all.


Both of our breakfast choices were delicious. We needed to fortify ourselves for all the shopping, and that means all the walking we were going to be doing.

We went over to the Cosmopolitan to collect our winnings from our sports bets we had placed the day before. I was happy with doubling my money, but Susie puts her winnings towards another game. She was lucky the entire trip. She kept putting her winnings towards another game and she kept winning.

We hit the shoe stores, as well as the other many, many stores there are. Jimmy Choo gets a lot of our time and attention. They are having some awesome sales. Susie falls in love with a pair of black suede pumps. But she does not have the budget to spend that kind of money. I have been thinking about buying her a pair of designer shoes on this trip, so I tell her I’ll buy them for her. She is beyond ecstatic. I also buy a pair of very cute flats, cause they are on sale. I had to take advantage of the awesome sale, right? I knew you’d agree with me.


I end up choosing the blue Louboutins I tried on yesterday. We had all the shoes shipped because you save on tax. At least I think we did. I know I have the Louboutins shipped.


In case you forgot, these are the ones I picked.


It’s always so hard to choose because there are always so many amazing shoes in Vegas.

We had a 2pm reservation at our hotel for Afternoon Tea. It is served in their lobby, which is on the 23rd floor and the view is amazing. I had emailed them before our arrival about my dietary restrictions, and been assured they could accommodate them. I avoid anything with milk or cream, which cuts out a lot of amazing things. But I’m happier because my stomach is happier if I do.

Our waitress said they wouldn’t have anything to replace the things I couldn’t have, which was very frustrating because that was the reason I had emailed ahead of time. It turns out she was wrong. They had prepared some lovely treats for me.

I had the champagne option because, why in the world would I pass up a chance to drink champagne?


Everything was delicious and we were quite full. Hopefully we would be hungry by the time we ate dinner.

We did more shopping. Rested in the room. Well, I rested. Susie went and worked out.

Dinner was at Wing Lei at the Wynn hotel. It was really good too.


Susie had lots of vegetarian options.

I was starting to notice something that was a little weird. All the servers at the Italian restaurant last night has Italian accents. All the servers at this Asian restaurant were Asian. I know it’s illegal to make that kind of thing a requirement for a job, but either they were somehow skirting the law, or it was an amazing coincidence.

After dinner we take a couple of photos.


We get an Uber and go back to our hotel. I think this was the night that I soaked in the amazing soaking tub in the bathroom. Then we both went to sleep. Vegas 2, us zero.


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