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I had barely unpacked from my New Year’s Eve Mexico trip, when I was packing again to go to Vegas with Susie. We had been trying to find a time that she was available to go away for a few days to celebrate our both completing our Masters degrees. I had finished in April and she had finished in August. Monday, January 16th, was Martin Luther King day, which she had off from her job as a first grade teacher. It was literally one week later from getting back from Mexico that  I packed my carry-on, and took a duffle bag that folded up and first into said carry-on, for all the things we would buy. Actually, I’m sure I packed the night before because our flight left at still dark o’clock. I got up at 4 am. This was the second time in as many weeks. IMG_0037


Once we arrived, we took an Uber to our hotel, the Mandarin Oriental. It was raining. Fortunately, most everything is inside. Even though it was early, we were able to get into our room right away. I asked for a refrigerator inside to be delivered to our room. We unpacked and then went to the CVS next door and I got some Almond Milk. The last time I was here this was not available in most restaurants and so I couldn’t enjoy my morning tea. One place had acted like it was the most outrageous thing anyone had ever asked for. This time I was going to be prepared. I had brought along a little Tupperware container to carry the Almond Milk with me when we went to breaskfast restaurants. As it turned out, I didn’t need any of this, because in the seven months since I was last here, everyone got the word that Almond milk is something that a lot of people want, and it was available everywhere we went.

Our first stop was for breakfast. We went to the Cosmopolitan next door, to Henry’s.

Of course, I had a mimosa.


We both had bennies to eat. Susie is a vegetarian (most of the time).


I did ask for my hollandais on the side, so I could resend that I was going to try and eat healthy.


Susie was going to place some sports bets for herself and her boyfriend. She convinced me to give it a try. We were the only women in line. I wanted to start out slow, and bet $5, but she told me I had to bet at least $50. That was hard for me. I usually play slots, and only $20 at a time. Granted, that could quickly turn into $60, but it’s different when you do it like that. The bets were placed on some football game.

With our bets placed, we headed to the Crystal Mall, right next door, for some mostly window shopping, because the stores there are out of our price range. Except for shoes. It’s become a tradition to buy designer shoes. Not a bad tradition, yes?

I didn’t buy these, but they were definitely contenders.


These were contenders as well.


This shopping mall is right next to the Cosmopolitan, where they definitely appreciate shoe lovers.


We did lots of walking that first day. My Fitbit registered 10,000 steps pretty early in the day. And by the end of the day, it was over 20,000.

We went back to the room to rest before dinner. As tired as I was, I couldn’t sleep. Susie went to the hotel gym to work out. Of course she did. She came back to the room, and was texting on her phone with her boyfriend. All of a sudden she jumped up and said she was going to place another bet for him. She also said that it was not looking good for the game the she and I had bet on. She left and literally five minutes later she called me to say that we had won! Things can change, just that quickly. My $50 had doubled, minus the house’s take, of course.

We took some pictures as we made our way through many of the hotels.


We had dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. We made the mistake of having the Uber drop us off at the front of Caesar’s when it was all the way at the other end of the Forum Shops. We were both wearing heels and were so tired of walking, and just tired in general.

Overall, it was a great restaurant, with stellar service and excellent food, and not crazy expensive. However, they seated us at a lousy table, right by the waiters work station. I asked for another table and the hostess said because we’d been late (15 min) they’d given away our table. We went ahead and sat down.First they brought us hunks of Parmesan cheese. Then some salami. then some bruschetta. All of this was complementary and before they even handed us a menu. Then some guy came up and identified himself as the captain and he told us about the specials and gave us menus, and came back shortly after that to get our order. That was all we saw of him. We were so tired, we could barely eat the wonderful entrees. The final bill had a special place for the captain’s tip. I had never seen this before and since we had barely seen the guy, I didn’t put anything there. Another odd thing about this restaurant was that everyone, and I mean everyone, had an Italian accent. What an amazing coincidence. We had had lots of servers. They had been very attentive.

Then it was back to the Mandarin Oriental, which is always nice to go back to. It has no casino. So, it is calm and serene.

It was quickly to sleep because we were both completely exhausted. Sad to say, it was only ten o’clock. Vegas had kicked our asses. We had thoroughly enjoyed our first day.


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  1. I think Vegas is calling our names again…. 🙂

  2. Hi Andrea, love the shoes! Do you remember the name of the Italian restaurant in the Forums? We are planning a trip to Vegas and we might stop in for a pasta fix. Thanks for the trip report. 💕

    1. Thanks for reading! Glad you’re enjoying one of my non-Grand trip reports! It was Il Mulino. Very good! I would love to go back when I’m not so tired.

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