Exotic, or Not

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We spend some time on the beach and then go back to the room to spend some time in the jacuzzi on the balcony. First we make some drinks. This time we make Shandies, which is half beer and half Sprite. Dave and Tessa told me about this drink and it isn’t half bad. It’s kind of refreshing.

When there was enough water in the jacuzzi, I get in.29656976_Unknown

Zung timed this poorly when he tries to take a timed picture with the tripod that Dave gave to us,




The views from the jacuzzi are really incredible.


We shower for dinner. The maid has tidied our things up, to within an inch of their existence.


She has also made sure that we are well stocked with toiletries.


This skirt is from Rent the Runway. It is one of my favorites. I have worn it several times, with various tops. It is so fun to wear.


We head off to the Japanese restaurant, Haiku. Raul is our waiter. He is so friendly. It is always nice to see him.


Alberto comes by to see how we are doing.

The menu has changed and we are not really fans of the new menu. Zung has the salmon.


I have the duck confit. It is very, just ok. The teriyaki sauce is way too sweet.


We decide to have dessert. I ask Raul what kind of fruits are in the exotic Caribbean fruits. He tells me apples, pears and cherries. I burst out laughing. He shakes his head and says, I know. He is embarrassed, I think, with the answer he has to give. Perhaps these fruits are exotic in the Caribbean. I say I’ll pass on that and ask for the chocolate volcano. It is quite the production.


I have confess, I don’t remember what this is, that Zung got.


We take some pics before heading to the lobby bar.


I want to try something different to drink. I tell Daniel about a drink I got once that I liked and he makes me a raspberry mojito.It’s too sweet.


Then I ask for a cucumber mojito.


That tastes like a mouthful of lime. Nothing is tasting good to me tonight. The cocolate cake shot is not bad.



I love Zung’s expression in these next couple of pics,


Then I ask for a Citron and club soda, which doesn’t do it for me either.

A woman comes up and introduces herself. Her name is Katherine Ann and she asks if I’m the Andrea from the blog. She is friends with our friends, Neil and Maria and they told her about my blog.


There are some pictures taken.


We make it all the way to about ten and then say good bye to Daniel and go back to room. I am not super tired, but just feel kind of done. I would love to ship on some rum back in room, but not really in the mood. It’s more the idea. I don’t have any.

I have trouble falling asleep again. I take my last Ambien. It does the trick.

Tomorrow is our going home day. Boo.


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  1. Love your blog! My husband and I got back last night from our 9th trip to The Grand (not quite the 20+ you’ve taken but we’re working on it!) You’ve probably been back since your New Year’s trip, but your balcony view photo with the single palm tree made me want to send you a message. We were so sad to see that the palm tree is dying due to all of the seaweed they have piled around it. We have numerous photos with that same view and have loved the perspective given by that tree. Also, there was no Daniel or Olivia during our trip. Hopefully, they are each enjoying some much deserved time off! Thanks, again, for your blog. p.s…..I love your black skirt 🙂

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