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Our day starts the usual way. Pictures.


There is a cruise ship making its way to Cozumel. We have never gone to Cozumel. We considered it once, but people we asked said it really wasn’t that different from Playa. For us, it didn’t seem worth the effort.


We go to breakfast at Bella Vista. I have some chillaquilles. Sorry, I started eating before I took the picture. Actually, I was close to being finished by the time Zung got back from getting his omelette and asks me if I remembered to take a picture. Guess I was hungry.


I did a run through the buffet for some fruit, and well, uhhh, I guess I picked up some other things.


Zung’s oh so predictable omelette.


After breakfast we walk back to our room. It is a beautiful sunny day. And it stays that way all day long.

It is day 5.


We decide to walk down the beach. Lots of trash and stinky seaweed. There are also interesting sculptures with the trash.


I don’t have a clue what this is supposed to be. Well, I don’t really have a clue what any of them are supposed to be.


We walk to the deserted resort next door and explore it. I wanted to do this before, but didn’t have any shoes and we know that would be dangerous. This time we remember to bring them with us.

The whole thing is so weird. I heard they ran out of money. It’s really deteriorated over the years. But before it looked like someone just came in one day and told everyone to leave. Ladders were still up. Someone once posted pictures of what they thought was a model unit. It was supposed to be a luxury residence and resort with a golf course. It was being developed by Capella and it you look on their site they still list it as opening in the future.

We go through some bushes where there is sort of a path. (This is always the part in the movie where you say to the screen, “Don’t go back there!”)


We can see the buildings, and have brought water.


There is lots of concrete. I suspect these were going to be fountains.


A bar or restaurant?


So far, nothing scary has jumped out at us.


This looked like possibly a kitchen, except…


…the bathtub in the corner doesn’t go with that theme.


And no, we do not go up these stairs, as tempted as I am to see what is up there.


The whole thing has a definite creepy vibe.



We don’t go through here either.


The curtains are still hanging.


They forgot to take the scaffolding.


We make it out alive.


We walk back to the Grand.


Zung is fascinated by the little tide pools in the rock formations.


I am fascinated by birds.


We go to lunch. It is our last day with Azael. His day off is tomorrow.

After that long walk, I am thirsty. Azalea gives me a big glass of wine.


Zung’s oh so predictable shrimp fajitas.


My oh so predictable French fries.


I have lobster quesadillas. These are serious yum.


Before we go back to the beach we go back the still under construction beach bar.

I’m not sure beach bar is a good name for what this is going to be. It’s in the same building as Las Brisa and it looks like one door will open to a grill.


And the other door will open to a bar.


There will be tables outside. I personally think grill is a more appropriate name for what this is going to be.


It’s not like a beach bar is really needed at the Grand. If you are on the beach then your waiter comes by about every 30 minutes, asking what you want. They do bring food, but the options are really limited. I really wish they would open the bar here at night, maybe have some music.

Note to self, bring this up with the new GM the next time I am at the Grand.



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  1. Hi. I’ve been enjoying your blog for awhile and look forward to reading it every week. With that said, I read something of interest today and immediately thought of you. The iberostar grand, as well as many other hotels/bars in the riviera maya have been sited with unsanitary alcohol, etc. in their bars and/or restaurants. Maybe this is why you haven’t been feeling well quite frequently while on vacation at the grand. Just a thought. Best wishes and thanks for your entertaining blog.

    1. I’ve seen those articles too, but if you read closely, that is one of several things they might have been cited for. It also could have been recording issues. I am fairly certain my not feeling well didn’t have anything to do with the citations, or everyone would be sick. I have a lot of confidence in the Grand.

  2. Awesome pictures of the abandoned resort. I have always wanted to look around there when I went for my walk there, but I was always alone and wasn’t about to leave the beach. Now I know what it looks like! Thanks.

  3. This blog is wonderful. I wanted to stroll around the property next door but was afraid to go since it was abandoned. Thanks for the pics.

  4. I’m glad you got to explore the abandoned resort next door! When my husband and I stayed at the Grand in Jan ’16, we tried to walk up into it, and a guard came right out and told us it wasn’t allowed. Neat to see those photos!

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