Good-bye to the Brown’s

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I ask for a ride back to the Grand at the front of the shopping center and a golf cart arrives quickly. I join Zung on the beach. I do a bit of tanning before we go to lunch. We sit next to Dave and Tessa and she gives me some stuff for my hair.

There are the usual suspects for lunch.


I actually get some things from the buffet. Sometimes I just want a salad and then, usually a few other things catch my eye.


After lunch we go back to the beach for a bit. I have noticed a lot of security around this trip, especially on the beach.

At three we go to the lobby to say good-bye to Tessa and Dave. We settle up on the champagne bill. We wait with them until their ride comes. Tessa looks sad. She smiles for the picture we take.


It feels too soon before we have to say goodbye. We had such a good time with them. I hope to be at the Grand with them again, soon. They are good people. We have been keeping in close touch since this trip. That is one thing I love about the internet, how it helps these long distance friendships thrive.

We go back to the beach and stay there until it is time to go get ready for dinner.


This dress is a rental and would have been my New Year’s Eve dress had I not found the amazing dress I found in Vail. These are Prada shoes that I got A screaming good  deal on. They have crystals on the heels. They are amazing to look at, but to wear? Not so much. I made the mistake of wearing them to an outdoor fundraiser. The surface was concrete, but there was lots of walking around and standing, and not a lot of places to sit. By the end of the night my feet and I were no longer friends. I didn’t plan on doing that much walking tonight. Honestly? Only the most comfortable of my heels love the marble floors here.

We get a ride to the Italian restaurant.

Zung has the calamari for his appetizer. He usually gets that. It’s his favorite.


I have the mussels. I love mussels and these are made well.


Zung has the Shrimp Spiedina. He is happy with it.


Nothing on the menu is what I want, so I ask them to combine some ingredients from a couple of different dishes. I end up with shrimp and pasta in a pesto. I can’t really taste the pesto, but overall it’s very good and hits the spot.


For dessert I ask for mixed berries, which is part of another dessert, just not the main event. I am definitely being “that person” (my son’s words, Patrick the waiter, usually preceded by “don’t be”).


Zung has this, which the name of didn’t make it into my notes.


We take our wine to the Lobby Bar. I am very tired after our very late night last night. I can barely keep my eyes open when I am talking to Daniel. I give it up at nine (Nine!) . We go back to the room and it is lights out at 10. I sleep until 1:30 and then can’t fall back to sleep. Damn insomnia. At 2:30 I take an Ambien. Then I sleep until my alarm goes off at 8.





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