Day 4 – Spa Time

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My alarm goes off every day at 8 am for my meds, so that’s when we get up. I’m so tired. That was not enough sleep. I start planning my naps before I even get out of bed. That is when you know you’re old and your late night partying days are over. It’s too bad I didn’t start trying to party late until I was already a woman of a certain age.

It is long past sunrise.


Like most other mornings, we are off to Bella Vista.

I am a bit hungover (again), so I keep my breakfast simple. Some carbs, and of course, bacon.


Zung never drinks enough to get that bad of a hangover. He has an iron stomach anyway.


I see Diane B. and her hubs. We’ve been here at the same time before and never been able to sit down and talk. We make plans to meet at the bar for a drink later on.

I stop at the concierge’s desk and ask Maile (pronounced like Miley) to change our dinner reservations for tonight and tomorrow. We want to eat at Venecia tonight and La Brisa tomorrow.  She is able to make the change for us. I know this is not easy at a time of higher occupancy, like now. Later on I give her a tip for taking care of it.

It is a cloudy day. I am not going to spend the day, huddled under towels, like I did on New Year’s Day. I also talk to Maile about a massage at the spa. I want a hot stone massage. They have a special, a 50 minute hot stone massage and a 30 minute relaxation massage. I have her book it. It is very soon, so I head over to the spa at the shopping center.

My therapist’s name is Erika, which I consider a good omen, since that is my bestie’s name. As we walk to the massage room she asks if it would be okay to combine the two massages. Why yes. Yes you can!. They are also offering a special on foot wraps. My feet tend to get really rough from walking in the sand. You would think it would be the opposite. Since it is not, I go with a foot wrap as well.

The massage is 80 minutes of hot stone wonderfulness.

I get hungry during the massage because I didn’t have much at breakfast. After the massage she takes me to the juice bar. I get a cucumber and pineapple juice. They juice them right there and I slam it down.

There are people walking around with very small kids. WTF? I thought the spa was adults only.

It’s time for me to blow this pop stand. I go outside and it has turned into a beautiful, sunny day.

Perfect for the beach.


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