My Shoes Find a Good Home

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Dinner is at L’Atelier, also known as the Gourmet or French. It is a good dinner.

Zung starts out with the fried Brie. It is good but it is very rich.


I have the Tuna Tartare. It is what I always get because it is really good. It is served in a puddle of strawberry soup. Yum.


I can’t remember what Zung’s entree was. I get the lamb. It is really good, but I’m no longer used to eating a large piece of red meat like this and feel a little queasy afterwards.


I say no dessert for me. Our waiter thinks neither of us do, and when this becomes apparent, we tell him that Zung still wants his.


After we are finished with dinner we go to the Lobby Bar. We chat with Kathy, from my Facebook board, and her hubs, Brian, for a bit. I’m not sure where Brian is during this pic.


Dave an Tessa arrive.


There are drinks.


Lots of drinks.


Those are fancy berry mojito and margarita drinks.


At end of evening I complain that my shoes hurt, and  they are just not comfy and going in the give away pile when I get home. Tessa says if I’m going to give them away, throw them her way. They fit and I say they are hers. She offers me her NYE shoes and other things in trade but I say no, I’m just glad they are going to a good home where they will be loved.

We say good night to them, but stay in the bar until after one. We watch Daniel work hard.


I love coming back to a nice turn down. I always feel bad thinking, that’s so nice. And then sweeping the petals into the trash.


You would think staying up so late would wear me out. However, it is hard for me to fall asleep and I don’t until 2:30. Good thing tomorrow is not going to be a taxing day. Although, they rarely are here. Possible that is one of the reasons I love it so much.


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