Day 3- Already???

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Okay, so the truth is, my notes sucked for today too. I remember thinking that I was tired of taking notes every day. I must have stopped being so diligent at some point. When I tried to go back, well, let’s just say the combo of the hypnotizing sight and sound of the ocean and all those drinks all day are not my memory’s friend.

What does this mean for you, dear reader? It means lots of pictures (thank goodness for the fact that iphoto arranges pictures by date), and getting to read about my most recent trip sooner. I learned my lesson about not taking notes daily and was much more diligent this most recent trip.

I wrote that today was a beautiful, sunny day. All day. Then I talk about dinner. LOL.

We went to breakfast at Bella Vista. That and room service are your primary choices. You could also go to one of the other four hotels and partake of their buffets. And listen to the hoards of screaming kids. Who may or may not be running around and touching the food with their germy hands. That’s not an option I have ever chosen, but hey, I don’t judge. Some people may miss their children THAT much, and need a reminder of why they wanted to go to an adults only hotel. Doubt it, but anything is possible.

There is another option for breakfast, for those who want a quieter environment than the buffet, but not the seclusion of their room, and perhaps want that strong, bitter drink served in those tiny little cups. I believe it is called an expresso. Go to the Lobby Bar. They make all those fancy coffee drinks with their fancy coffee machine. They foam and they steam and do all that other fancy stuff. They have breakfast pastries in the snack case they is located there. I really must try this sometime, just for the experience. They have tea also, which is good, since I don’t like those bitter drinks known as coffee, unless the bitter coffee taste has been covered up with some kind of sweet syrup. So, I just stick with tea.

Proof of the beautiful, sunny day.


Proof that we go to breakfast.


Proof that I am drinking mimosas again.


Proof that I am adventurous and eat this weird fruit with slimy seeds. To find out what the name of it is, I looked up “slimy seed fruit.” It is actually the passion fruit. A lot of jokes and innuendo possibilities, but I’m not going to go there. The fruit on the left is a delicious mango and on the right is cantaloupe.


Proof that it is day three.


Proof that Zung is on the beach with me.


We do what we always do in the morning. The we do what we do when we get hungry. We go to lunch.

Zung gets what he always gets .


And I get what I always get…something different. I get the grilled fish today. It is so good, I wonder why I have not been getting this more often. It is different fish every day. Today it is one of the grilled fishes I like best. A mild whitefish of some kind. Grouper maybe?

You can also see that I am back to my lunch glass or glasses of wine. Let’s be honest, it is usually glasses.


This must have been payback for yesterday. (Did you catch the typo about Zung’s shot yesterday? It was too funny to correct.)


Proof that I don’t like tequila, no matter what else you put in it.


Since people can never get enough pictures of the grand pool at the Grand, here is one from the other side (as compared to the one taken yesterday). Damn, that is a beautiful site.


One of my favorite things to do on the beach is to order a bottle of champagne, because I can. We decide to do that today.


Eli looks pretty pleased that he uncooked the bottle.




I am thrilled that he brings us glass flutes (as opposed to plastic). Glass just makes it a more authentic experience.


I tell Zung that we cannot go back to the room until we finish the bottle, and here is proof that we did. In view of everything else we have had to drink, and are yet to still drink today, this is quite an accomplishment.


I think I am developing psychic powers because I can predict a hangover tomorrow.


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  1. I am going next month for the first time. Sooo excited! Question or two. Is champagne extra cost? We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary and I love champagne. How about mimosas at breakfast? What champagne do you usually order? Thanks so much. Jane

    1. You will love it there!
      They have several parkling wines on the included wine selection. Premium champagnes like Moet are extra. But the included are very nice. I don’t have a regular one I order, unless a special occasion and pay extra, which will be Moet. Mimosas are included too. I love getting them in the morning at breakfast and on the beach.

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