A New Day, A New Me

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I sleep very well and feel much better when I wake up, but my appetite has not completely returned. We order room service and I just have some pastry and fruit. Zung has him omelette.


After breakfast we head out to the beach. Of course we do because that is what we do every day. Today is no exception.


I suspect there is nothing but soda water in that cup I’m holding. I think I eased back into drinking gradually.


Zung of course is drinking a margarita.

The weather is much nicer today. It is mostly sunny.

After some reading and sunning we head to La Brisa for lunch.

I bet you know what Zung had. If you guessed shrimp fajitas, then you would be right.


I have lobster quesadillas. This may have been the first time I asked for these. They were good.


I may not be as predictable as Zung, but of course, I always get french fries.


Dave and Tessa stop by and say hello. They are glad to hear I am feeling better. Dave gives us his little mini tripod and we take a picture with it so we can try it out.


I think I ordered a Tequila Boob Boom shot for Zung. At least the photographical evidence points to that.


Zung has some coconut ice cream. Since my stomach has been acting up I am staying away from things with milk and cream in them.


After lunch we head out to the beach again.


Wait! That’s not the beach.

This is the beach. There is a guy paddle-boarding out on the ocean. We are quite impressed with his ability to stay upright.



I’ll be honest. I took terrible notes this day, so most of my memories came from our photos. That helped me determine that we went back to our room and went in our balcony jacuzzi. And that I had a rum and coke.


We use the  little mini tripod, which is how we take this picture.


They also must have brought us flowers, which would be why we took this picture.


We go to the Mexican restaurant at La Brisa, but these were the only pictures we have. Not sure why there weren’t more. But there you have it. That was our day.




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  1. “Tequila Boob Boom” that’s a shot I’ve never heard of 🙂

    1. I even proofread it! But it’s too funny to correct.

  2. You look great in that black outfit! I haven’t seen you in that kind of outfit so far;-)

    Kind regards!

    1. Thanks! I don’t usually wear pants or dress that casual. I like to really dress up. But I needed an extra outfit.

  3. Was the lobster quesadilla on the menu, or was it a special request? I don’t recall seeing it, but then I usually grazed the buffet. Would really like to order it next time.

    1. It was a special request. When I’ve asked Azael, it doesn’t faze him. But when Alfredo (one of the managers) took our order, he thought it was pretty funny. He took the order, but he asked me about three times and laughed about it.

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