Bar Crawl Fail

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You were probably wondering if I was ever going to post again. I did take a few weeks hiatus. There was a lot going on at our house. We’ve been doing a kitchen facelift and I am completely thrilled with the results. Painted the cabinets and walls. New countertops and backsplash.

The really big event was that Zung turned 70 a couple of weeks ago. Zung is what every 70 year old should aspire to be. He was the key person behind a start up company that he and three others started a few years ago. He continues to work hard at making that a success. His hobby is racing an M3 BMW that is not street legal because of the modifications that have been made to it. Racing is his passion. It involves special helmets and fireproof clothes, including underwear. I have told him that if it gets to his underwear, the game is pretty much over though.

He’s not letting turning 70 slow him down.

We celebrated with a big bash by renting out our favorite casual restaurant, Pizzeria Locale and invited 50 of his family and closest friends. We had several people come in from out of town, including a few family members, which meant a houseful of guests. Even Nicholas and his girlfriend, Tizzy came from Italy to help celebrate. We rented a limo because Zung is usually the designated driver and that’s no fun at your birthday party. And I sure wasn’t going to be the DD. I was the party planner and was so proud of myself by not going over the top and even delegating a few things. Okay, one thing, I delegated the cupcakes to Susie. It was a great evening and I had a great time. Too great actually. I had a two day hangover. And then, we went on a 70th birthday trip to, you guessed it, the Grand!

But that trip report won’t come until I finish the current one.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog.

The decorations are very pretty at each hotel. The less expensive hotels however, have less expensive liquor. That ends up not mattering that much to me because I hardly drink anything. We do take lots of pictures though.

This first one is at the Grand.


Each hotel is decorated in its own unique style. This is at the Beach/Del Mar.


I give it the old college try and order a vodka and tonic here and at the next bar but don’t drink much of either.

Tessa looked lovely, as always.


Zung stuck to his margaritas.


I think this is from the Lindo, but the Beach and Del Mar may have had different trees.


Well, this is the Lindo. So that other one must be the Beach, or Del Mar. I can never keep them straight. I think the Del Mar was first.


The aquarium inside the bar at the Lindo.


The Maya.


The Maya is where I admit defeat. We were all supposed to go to dinner together afterwards. However, I had been feeling worse and worse and by the time we get here I knew I was not going to be going to dinner. I insisted that Zung go with Tessa and Dave though. He takes me back to the room first. I order a club sandwich, but am feeling so yucky by the time it arrives that I take about two bites and then give up on being able to eat.

Zung had a great time with Tessa and Dave. He comes back after dinner and I go to sleep early. Fortunately, I sleep well.



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