New Year’s Day – Part 2: Tipsy Time

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After huddling under a towel, in the cool weather, we decided to go to lunch.

This is me huddling.


We go to Las Brisa. Azael is not there, so we sit in Angel’s section. He takes good care of us. We later find out that Azael is in Bella Vista today for lunch.

I have some white wine, my go to beverage of choice for lunch. Zung has his go to beverage of choice, beer. Usually it is a Victoria, but sometimes he has a Modelo Negro.


We know about an off the menu item because of Dave and Tessa. Zung orders it. It is coconut shrimp. This is a big deal for him, to vary his menu choice for lunch. He said it was pretty good. But not good enough to keep having. As you will find out.


I have the grilled lobster and fries. With extra limes. Once you have lime with your lobster, you will not go back to butter. If it is good lobster, anyway.


I have three glasses of wine. Afternoons are tipsy time.

After lunch, we decide it is just too windy, and go back to the room to nap. We are meeting Dave and Tessa at 6 for a bar crawl. It is our first one. I am not sure how we have been to the Grand all these times and never done a bar crawl, but there it is.


I enjoyed being there with Tessa. She dresses up every night. And she wears fabulous shoes. We are always excited to see what the other one is wearing each night.

Zung wantes to know what time we were supposed to meet them at the lobby. Zung is notorious for being late. I like to say reservations are a suggestion for him, as opposed to a time he is supposed to show up. I tell him 5:45. We actually get to the lobby bar at that time.

I am not feeling great.

I realize that my hearing aid has died. And it is buzzing, which is terribly annoying. I go back to the room to remove it.

Don’t bother looking through the photos trying to see if you can see a hearing aid. It is a Lyric, which is called an “in the canal” hearing aid, which is just that. It goes deep inside the canal and cannot be seen. It stays in for three months, if I am lucky and have a good one. They are a little inconsistent. Anyway. I get back to the room, remove it, toss it in the trash and then get a ride back to the lobby. Dave and Tessa are there and I start our bar crawl with a glass of water, which I drink very quickly. I am trying to convince myself that I am merely dehydrated. Drinking only water on a bar crawl is no fun, is it now?

We have our first drinks (mine being water) and take a golf cart to the Del Mar.

Let the bar crawl begin!


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