New Year’s Day-Part 1

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7 am: Bzzzzzz. The clock alarm in the room goes off. Seriously? Zung turns it off and we go back to sleep. 8 am: the sonar sound from my phone goes off, reminding me to take my meds (for my Trigeminal Neuralgia). After a late night, we have actually slept late. Or what is late for us. Since this is high occupancy time at the hotel, I instruct Zung to go get us chairs on the beach.

First Zungrise picture.


Let’s talk about that. I hate chair saving. If everyone stopped doing it, there would be enough chairs for everyone for when they are ready to occupy them. Why then, you are asking yourself, do we participate in this heinous practice? Because if we were the only ones who didn’t then we would be chairless. I feel okay about it because we only have them saved while we go eat breakfast. I like a long day at the beach. Those chairs will be well used by us. Some people save them at 6 am (or earlier) and don’t come out until 11 (or later). Some people save chairs at the beach, and also at the same time at the activity pool and quiet pool, so they can rotate through the areas throughout the day. I think that is just selfish and rude. The official Iberostar rule is that chair saving is not allowed, but I rarely see it being enforced. Once, in all my visits, have I seen them remove someones belongings. If no chairs are available, what I recommend is asking the pool/beach concierge/butlers (whatever they are called, to help you find a place to sit. They are more than happy to do this. At that point they will remove belongings from chairs that have not been occupied. If those people eventually come along, you can honestly say you did not move their stuff, but that security probably has it.

Ok, end of my ranting about chair saving, along with my justification for doing it.

Off to Bella Vista for breaky.

We take the Mimosas that they are handing out at the door. Mayvany is there. We ask for Azael, our favorite waiter. He remembers everything we drink and usually eat. I always change it up a bit though.


The chillaquiles he remember that I like sound good though, so that is what I order. These are not on the menu, and while they are sometimes at the buffet, they are better when made fresh. Ask and they will make them for you. Chillaquile recipes vary alot. They make them pretty simply here with crisp tortilla chips, shredded chicken and red or green chili sauce. I find the green is too spicy for me.


On top they sprinkle some cilantro or parsley and they have crema on them, which I should have told them to leave off, since cream things don’t seem to be my friend. I eat it all anyway and it is yummy.

Zung does not switch his vacation breakfast around, ever. He goes to the buffet and gets an omelette.


After I devour my chillaquiles, I go up to the buffet for some fruit, and bacon. Yes, bacon. C’mon, it’s vacation. All diet rules will be broken. I don’t diet, diet. Okay, well sometimes I watch what I eat for my weight. But, I do try to follow the Mediterranean diet for my elevated cholesterol. Bacon is definitely not part of the Mediterranean diet. It is a regular part of my vacation diet though.


We give Azael a Christmas present of some candy from Colorado. We see Dave and Tessa and they have a present for me. It is some tea from where they live in the UK, and there is a beautiful New Year’s card. When I get home this tea immediately becomes my favorite. Not only are Dave and Tessa fun, they are incredibly nice too.

We go back to the room after breaky and get ready for our day at the beach, which is pretty full. Despite the less than stellar weather.


It is cold and cloudy and windy all day. Let’s just say there was not a lot of tanning.


What is that, that I’m drinking, you ask? Perhaps a Havana Club rum and Coke? Nope. I had two mimosas at breakfast and then I just drank plain old Coke until lunch.

We take my official counting of the days picture. Apparently I was too lazy to get up.


Zung, who is actually taking the week off from work, starts enjoying an adult beverage.


We enjoy our morning, as much as you can on the beach with crappy weather.


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  1. Hi Andrea, I enjoyed your blog. We stayed at the Grand last year and are going again this July. Do you have any suggestions on where to get the best “deal”? Last year we booked through the Iberostar site. Thanks, Brian

    1. In the past, I’ve shipped around and then booked with Tami at Trip Surfer Vacations. Check out her website.

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