A Grand New Year’s Eve

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THE Dress!


We walk over to Bella Vista, which is where the special New Year’s Eve buffet is being held. Alberto, Sarah and Mayvany are all greeting guests as they arrive. Everyone is dressed so nicely.

Dave and Tessa are waiting for us, and we are late. I had hoped they would go ahead and get seated and when I see them waiting I feel bad. We all are taken to our table and order drinks. We start with champagne. Then we ask for some red wine and they give us the cabernet they are pouring. We don’t like it, but see that they are also pouring the Daimon Tempranillo, so we switch to that. That is one of our favorites.

The buffet is decorated really beautifully. We take lots of pictures and sample lots of things.


As usual, most of the desserts are off limits for me because of my restrictions against anything with milk or cream. I manage to eat plenty though.

We take some more pictures before we leave.


I love Tessa’s shoes! She is always dressed well and wears kick-ass shoes.


We make our way over to the Lobby Bar, enjoying the decorations along the way. They are different from last year, which is nice for variety.


When we got to the bar, Daniel makes us our first Cucumber Mojitos. They are too sweet so he adds some club soda and then they are better.


We hang out at the bar for awhile. Rafael comes by and we talk with him for a bit. I tell him I enjoy the different holiday decorations.

We take a group picture with Daniel before we go to the theatre.


As we are leaving the bar we cross paths with a man who looks at me and he stops and asks me if I am Andrea Tran. The one and only! His name is Jesse Weiner and he is there with his wife and son. We meet them too. My first rock star moment of the trip!

We head into the theatre. We have a table reserved. It is in the second row. You can reserve a table for free by buying a bottle (or more) of premium champagne. We have bought a bottle of Moet and Chandon. It is waiting for us in a bucket of ice.

They give out bags of goodies.





I start out drinking water. I am feeling the need to rehydrate. I finally switch to a rum and coke. They make it very strong.

The show starts. It is a long version of the rock show. right before midnight they come by and open the bottle of champagne. They do the countdown (in Spanish). We drink the champagne. I don’t think I am that wasted. However, I may or may not have danced and I never dance. And there may or may not have been a video of said dancing.




After things wind down in the theatre we go back to the Lobby Bar and then outside to watch the fireworks. We stop to wish Daniel a Happy New Year.


We really, really enjoyed spending the evening with Tessa and Dave. We are looking forward to getting to spend more time with them over the next few days. We have a bar crawl planned with them tomorrow. It will be our first!


We get back to our room. There is a calendar for 2017 waiting for us.

Happy Grand New Year!


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  1. Gorgeous dress!! You looked great!! What a beautiful presentation of the food and decorations. I see why you all wanted to go back again for NYE. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Thank you. Yes, it was a lot of fun.

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