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Well, this will be a short post, because I didn’t take notes. I do remember we went to breakfast with Helen and Chris. Other than that, I just can’t say for sure.

Overall, it was a good trip. It almost always is being at the beach. I love Mexico. It stole a piece of my heart that first time we came for our 25th anniversary, and stayed at the Royal Hideaway.

The VIM was a disappointment. But it wasn’t all bad, by any stretch. While the best part of the stay there was spending time with friends, there were some high points.

Things I liked about VIM:

-The dinners were good. Not great, but good. I have a really high bar for food, so it’s unlikely that any AI is going to reach the great level. I would say it is about on the same level as the Grand. It might even be a bit better, but more likely it is just new menus for us that made it seem like it might be that good.

-The wine was drinkable. I prefer having the wine list and options that the Grand has though.

-The bar we hung out in was nice with a nice selection of drinks. I think many people would think it was maybe a bit too quiet. I like that though.

-The second room we were in was nice. The swim out was actually a swim out. Unlike what they called a swim out at Secrets last year. You’d have to read that trip report to know what I mean.

-The buffet food was not bad. It was pretty average, but not bad.

-The grounds were pretty

-The water was nice to swim in. It was warm and mostly calm. I think this can vary though. The last day it was rougher.

-I liked the jewelry store.

-Overall, service was pretty good. I can’t say our first impression was good, with them trying to upsell us to their Prestige Club, or whatever they call it. a first lunch was initially a fail, but after complaining, it immediately improved, and that server was great the rest of our stay. There were definitely ups and downs with service, but overall, I feel like the service we get almost anywhere we go in Mexico is really good.

-They had Havana Club

Things I didn’t like about VIM:

-They cheaped out on the glass of welcome champagne. This really makes a bad first impression.

-The first impression went from bad to really bad with the upsell at check-in and then giving us two double beds. Honestly, this wouldn’t even have felt so unsatisfactory if they hadn’t tried the upsell first. It felt like punishment for not going with the upsell.

-The lobby has air that smells sickly sweet. It was so bad that I started to dread going in there.

-The first room was laid out so the flow was really disrupted by the sofa.

-Our first room had only one sink in the bathroom.

-The napkin with the welcome cake in our room was stained. While this doesn’t seem huge, again, it was early in the game and therefore made a bad first impression.

-While I was impressed that the Customer Service rep replied to me so quickly when I emailed about the almond milk, there was no follow through with actually fulfilling my request. This was worse than just telling me that they didn’t have almond milk. Then I would have brought my own.

-The resort is very large, which means not only lots of walking, but it made it hard to find things. Three days was definitely not long enough to feel like we knew our way around.

The only towel hut is by the pool. If you are a beach person, there is the hut with towels, but they are only for the prestige guests. This borders on obnoxious to have a hut with towels as you arrive at the beach, but to be told you can’t have them.

-The whole making us move on our last night had so many things wrong with it, I will not rehash it here. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know what happened.

-No Havana Club in our room.

-No Daniel. I guess he can’t be everywhere.

In the end, we would not return. We have also decided that we are not going to any other resorts for as long as the Grand is making us happy. Vacation time is too precious.

We considered this resort when it first opened, after we had been to the Grand once. On the feedback of the TA we were using at the time, we decided to go back to the Grand. I guess the rest is history. However, I wonder what my impressions would have been then.

Next Mexico vacation will be at the Grand. Come back next time for the start of our New Year’s Eve celebration!







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