Last Dinner at VIM

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I’m sorry this post is so late. I have been having major problems with WordPress. I wrote this post yesterday and then lost the whole thing. Long story, but here I am, trying again.There is lots of time to write when you are laid up with a common cold.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog.

The ocean water is really nice. When we have had enough beach, we go back to our new and improved room. We get in the pool that is our swim-up.


There is no one else around and it is quiet and relaxing.

Zung gets out to take a shower. When it is time for me to get out, I have a very hard time hauling myself up and out. A really hard time. I wonder how a really drunk person manages this?

I eventually am successful, and take my shower. After getting dressed, I go in search of ice to chill the bottle of bubbles while we are at dinner. I have some difficulty finding the ice machine. After I find it, I get the bubbles into the ice.

We go down and since we are a bit farther from the restaurants, and running late,  we get a ride to the Japanese restaurant, which is where we are eating tonight. Everyone else is already seated. We are sitting at a Hibachi table.

This is a nice picture of us. This is a rental dress that I really liked. There was another picture that I had to delete that showed a wardrobe malfunction. Oops.


It was a decent cooking show.


The food is decent. I love that we get dipping sauces.



Although this hotel is not one we would return to, we enjoyed our dinners, and our time with our friends. Which, at the end of the day, is what it’s all about. That said, I told Helen that we are never going anywhere but the Grand again.


We go to the bar for a bit. We never last long. Zung and I go back to our room, open the bottle of bubbles and sit outside. It is very peaceful and nice.

We go to sleep and hope for a good night’s sleep since tomorrow is travel day.



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  1. Cute dress! Although you were not a fan of VIM I have still enjoyed your trip report about it.

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