Moving Day

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We go to breakfast with Chris and Helen.


They have my almond milk. Yea! I have never been so excited by milk before.

I go to the lobby to exchange some money. I ask what time our room will be ready. The guy yesterday said noon, but I don’t trust anyone at this point. This guy tells me it will be ready at two. It’s a good thing I asked.

The lobby has this very sickly sweet smell. I feel sorry for these guys who have to sit in there all day, as I can barely stand it for the few short minutes I am in there.

We go back to the room and I get into my swim suit. Zung is staying to work for awhile. I go to the palapas in the Prestige section, or whatever the heck they call it. For the regular special guests, who have paid more for the privilege of sitting in that section. they have cards with their names and room numbers on it. Their is nothing with our names, so I ask the guy, who is the same guy who reluctantly gave me towels yesterday. He tells me the number of our palapas. They have put us in Siberia, the palapas that are furthest from the good swimming area, and the entrance and exit from the beach. There are a lot of rocks right in front of us.


The bed and chairs are not set up with towels either. You get a bed with pillows and a palapa roof, that may or may not give you shade, depending on the time of day,  two plus regular chairs, for, I guess if you want to be able to sit up. I go to towel guy and ask for towels. He tells me he has none. He says there is nothing he can do. He promises to bring some when they arrive. He asks if I am the person who was unhappy about something. I explain why they are giving us the use of the palapas for the day, and say the no towel situation is not making me any happier. I feel like he is classifying me as “not one of the true special guests”, and he is not going to treat me as one.

We all have some towels that we got yesterday. For hotels that ration towels, I turn in my used towel at the end of the day and get a clean one, so I don’t have to do it in the morning.

I go back and we sit on our one towel. This whole thing is such BS. However, we try to have a good time. There is good drink service. Ricky comes over and we chat for awhile. Then he is off. He and Mary like to partake of all the activities.

Chris and Helen come down and we have some drinks.


It starts out as a sunny day and then we get some sprinkles. Rain, not the stuff you put on ice cream. Then it pours. Are we having fun yet?

The weather clears. Zung comes down and we go in the water.


Chris has brought some bread to feed the fish. Not sure how good bread is for them, but they love it and swarm around him.


He gives Zung some bread, and Zung has a ball feeding the fish. He’s like a little kid.


You can see how close they come to him.


I’ve never seen him have so much fun in the water.

Ricky and Mary show up after we get out of the water. We go to lunch. There is an open air buffet right off the beach, so for some variety we go there. The food is decent. However, I know this isn’t my plate because I don’t like mushrooms. Must be Zung’s.


We have a really great time. Ricky has had t-shirts made for all of us. I was going to wear mine, but I was still wet when I put it on. The guys all have theirs on. Here is Ricky in his.


We do two Scooby shots. I don’t know what is in them, but they match the shirts in color.


At 2:30 I ask the hostess to call the front desk and see if our new room is ready. There is no way I am going to sit around in our room, waiting for them to come get our stuff.

I am feeling pretty good. That won’t last long though. They say the room is ready and the bell boy will meet us at the old room. We walk to the building and, OMG! They have boarded up most of the entrances. We have to walk all around to several entrances to find one that is open. I can already feel myself getting very aggravated. They have already started demo. Fortunately, the bell boy arrives right away. The new building is walking distance and he lets us into our new room, which is quite a bit nicer than the old room.

There is the long awaited king bed.



There is a sitting area with a sofa that does not get in our way when we need to get to the bathroom.


Outside, there are two, very nice lounge chairs.


The bathroom is larger and nicer too. It has two sinks, a large soaking tub

The bell boy says that someone will be coming shortly with our keys. I have another, oh no, thought. But the Customer Service guy (who looks like he is twelve) brings the keys right away. He is very pleased that we have gotten such a nice room. He clearly doesn’t get how unhappy I am about the whole thing.

There is a bottle of bubbles, that is not on ice, and a plate with chocolates.

I just want to get back to the beach at this point.

We are disoriented as to where we are and ask the concierge how to get to the beach. He points in one direction. It ends up being the long way, and takes a long time. It gives me lots of time for my aggravation to grow. The whole thing has taken an hour out of the last day of our vacation.

When we finally get to our chair, they have finally made them up with towels. Lots of towels.

We are determined to enjoy our last couple of hours on the beach.

Can you bring me a drink please? Better make it a double.


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