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I had answered the phone, to be greeted by the Customer Service Rep. He asked how things were. I replied “Ok,” in that tone that says they are really not ok at all. He asked what was wrong and I told him about the double bed situation, the almond milk that I had been assured I could get and said I’d had an issue with service at lunch, but that had been addressed and I was satisfied with that.

I want to take a step back before my first two complaints make me sound like a whiny, high maintenance guest. I am high maintenance, and I freely own it. I stay at the kinds of places that meet that aspect of my personality. I’m not obnoxious. As for the bed situation, I understand that there is not always a king size bed available, and it was not guaranteed. That would have been less of an issue for me, had they not tried to upsell me to the Prestige Club, or whatever the heck they call it. Maybe they try to sell everyone that when they check in, but for us, it just was annoying to get that right away and then when we declined we are told our requested bed was not an option. As for the almond milk, I was really irritated about that. Not that they didn’t have it, but that they had assured me when I inquired by email that they would get it for me and have it in my room. Lots of places don’t have almond milk, just don’t tell me you’ll get it and then there is no one who has a clue about it. If they had told me, nope, we don’t have it, I would have brought some with me. Which is what I told the Customer Service Rep on the phone.

He assured me he would get it for me. Then he told me that tomorrow they would be starting renovations on our building and we would have to move. For one night.

Oh, hell no!

But, they were going to upgrade our room to a swim out, with, wait for it…a king bed! And some amenities in the room. Not only that, we would get to spend the day at the Prestige area on the beach, with the fancy bali beds that they make up for you with many towels to make them comfy. When it became clear that I didn’t have a choice about moving (that would become abundantly clear the next day) I said I would need space in the Prestige beach area for my friends as well. No problem, he said. He asked where we were having dinner tonight, and I said the French restaurant to celebrate my friend’s 50th birthday. He said he would make reservations so we wouldn’t have to wait. I asked for a special bottle of wine, off the extra list. He said he couldn’t do that, but would send a bottle of house sparkling wine.

I was not happy about having to move FOR ONE NIGHT. I could not understand why they would put us in this room when they knew we would have to move for the last night of our three night stay. I still don’t understand it. In my eyes it was just crappy customer service. It is the primary reason that I will never stay there again. There were several reasons why I wasn’t impressed, but had this alone happened, I would not go back.

I will go into more detail about the dinner in my next post. The short story is, they made Helen’s birthday dinner really nice and special. That would have gone a long way to make up for the whole moving thing, IF it had been my or Zung’s birthday. Helen and Chris were not the ones being made to move.

What they did for us what not enough to make up for the inconvenience.

I text Helen that we have dinner reservations at 7, and say I will explain how we got dinner reservations when I see her.



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  1. I would not be happy about moving either. At least they should have offered to keep you in the swim out room for the rest of your stay.

    1. They moved us for the last night of our stay. It was only a three night stay. Out was so short a stay that they should have putt is in a room that didn’t require a move from the start, even if it was an upgrade.

  2. I’m enjoying your blog and reading about a whole different style of vacationing–the luxury full service kind that is exactly opposite our rough and tumble live off the land style. Every one of your ‘issues’ are things that wouldn’t phase me at all and conversely the flow you seek out the Iberostars would make me nuts. For example, I cringed at the thought of having a butler in my personal space, or being on a named basis with bartenders and beach attendants. And, in fact, a personal pet peeve of mine is having overly attentive waiters constantly refilling glasses without being asked. Hah, I pity the waiter that serves you and me the same evening. Don’t read this a criticism of you or your blog (or of me.) It is a big world with lots of different accommodations and lots of different travelers to match up to them. But, as you point out, disappointment comes when a place makes claims it can’t actually fulfill or is trying to be something that it really isn’t.

    1. I have been criticized by some for going to an AI, because people often perceive that if we like different things, then one of us must be wrong. What a boring life it would be if we all liked and did the same things! I have always said it’s great that there is something out there for everyone. thanks for reading!

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