Another Day Bites the Dust

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We get an early start by waking up at 7:30. We are going to have breakfast with Chris and Helen. We walk to the La Hacienda buffet. We sit inside. I ask our waiter if they have almond milk. After some discussion about me being told by the customer service rep that they would have some he goes to get it for me. I go to the buffet to get my breakfast. When I come back there is not any almond milk for me. Helen tells me that he brought some but Chris looked at it and didn’t think it was almond milk and tasted it to confirm. I guess something was lost in translation with our waiter. Bottom line is, no almond milk.

Zung says the omelette has an almost pancake like consistency. I am not wowed by the buffet, but there is always something at a breakfast buffet that I can eat.

After breakfast we go to the beach. The property is so large. It is quite a hike. We go by the pool area and think we see the towel hut and head over to get some towels. Just as we approach it we see a sign saying that it is the dive shop. So we continue looking for the beach. It actually is the towel hut as well, we will later find out.

We find the entrance to the beach, There is a small towel hut there, but when we ask the attendant for towels he tells us that they are only for the Preferred Club guests. Their area is to the right. I must have given him a “look” because he hands over a couple towels, but says it will be a one time thing. I feel scolded somehow, and very annoyed.

We find our palapas that Rick has saved for us. They are what I call the torture-loungers. I find them to be incredibly uncomfortable.

The day is beautiful. The beach is very nice. The water is clear and calm. There are lots of fish. We go in the water for a bit.IMG_1066

Although the day has started out nice, we can see that weather is coming.


It comes in quickly, and starts to rain. We hightail it to the lobby bar. Chris and Zung sit and talk and Helen and I go shopping at the jewelry store.

The sign says they are having a sale, 40% off, plus an additional 20% off. I love a good sale. We are in there for a long time. Mary joins us for a bit. I try on a lot of stuff. There is so much that I like, it is hard to decide. I eventually settle on a pink topaz necklace. It is a pretty large stone. I also get earrings with large blue stones, a wide silver cuff and a thin black and silver bracelet that is made of titanium. The silver cuff has a tag on it that says $900, so I say I am going to pass on it. She says she’ll give it to me for $150. Sold! Helen has shown more restraint and buys a necklace. She was going to buy earrings too, but when the lady was polishing them, one broke.

We go and collect the rest of our group and go back to La Hacienda, which is now a lunch buffet. It is late-ish, so the restaurant is not crowded. Still, we wait awhile and nobody comes to get our drink order. Chris tells us to go get food and he will order our drinks. We come back from getting our food and the waiter is just taking the drinks order and giving us water. Rick and Mary have ordered sweet iced tea, and they are brought regular iced tea. Helen and I get white wine, which is not refilled when our glasses are empty. Water is not refilled either. We talk about how bad the service is. Helen says we should mention it to one of the head waiters.

As I am on my way to get some dessert I see one of the head waiters and tell her our service has been terrible. She says she is sorry. When I get back to the table we are sitting there talking. We are in no hurry to leave because it is still raining. The captain comes by and asks how things are. Everyone says fine. I say, no it isn’t. I tell the captain that our service has been terrible and explain why. He says he will take care of it. Ricky sees him take our waiter in the back. A few minutes later our waiter comes back to refill our water and wine and asks if there is anything else we need. It is clear that he was reprimanded. We continue to sit and talk. Our waiter comes by again and refills water and wine again. He then apologizes for the poor service. We leave him a tip when we leave because things were made right when we complained.

While our lunch service got better, the weather never did. We do a little more shopping. Then we head back to our room. It is time for Zung’s afternoon nap.

We get a call from Customer Service, asking how things are. I would find out he wasn’t really calling to inquire about how things were. he was calling to make our stay even more unsatisfactory.

But that story will be another post.

These are some pictures of our room.

Here’s our double beds.


And our single sink.


There is a desk and armoire for the TV, with some drawers.


Here’s the mini bar. There were some chips, and soda, juice and water in the fridge.


The sofa that we had to keep walking around to get to the bathroom and door and closet.



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