Moving Day

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It is a decent Zungrise this morning.IMG_1006

We enjoy our last hours of our oceanfront views. The Grand seriously has the best oceanfront rooms. If I climbed over the balcony I would fall onto the beach. It doesn’t get any closer than this. Well, it might, but then you’d fall into the ocean, and that would be a bit wet.


We go to breakfast at Bella Vista. Mayvany comes by to say hello.

I have Chillaquilles, which are so good today.


We have Mimosas.


We walk around the resort taking pictures before we go back to the room to pack.


This is the view from outside of Toni’s restaurant.


This is more or less what you get when you have an ocean view room.


They are setting up at the pool bar.


I go over to the shopping center because my nail polish chipped and I didn’t bring any with me. They have some at the spa, and they have just the right color. When I am walking through the center of the shopping area I think to myself that we should come over her in the evening. I think it would be really nice. We really need to mix up a routine a little.

My plan is to walk back, but it is hot and a butler comes by and gives me a ride. I go to the lobby because I need to go to the gift shop to get nail polish remover.

I go back to the room, avoiding the damn grasshoppers. I take a few pictures in the room.

This is how the robe looks when you arrive.


I sit out on the balcony while we wait for the bell boy, enjoying my last minutes with my view. I wish those tents weren’t there. That is the massage tents for the people that are not part of the Grand.


. I am texting with Daniel. He tells me that he went out last night and did not get home until 6 am. He promises me that he will still be here by noon. He asks me to get him a coffee to go. When he gets up he realizes that he is hungover. Really hungover. I tell him that he gets no sympathy from me.

The bell boy arrives and takes our bags and gives us a ride to the lobby. We share the golf cart with the couple who got engaged. They are so young and cute.

The lobby is busy with people checking in. Priscilla checks us out. Zung gets Daniel’s coffee. We say hello to Humberto, who is at the lobby bar. We are sitting in the lobby, waiting for Daniel. Mayvany sees us and comes over. It is a few minutes past noon so she checks with security to make sure he didn’t have any problems getting through.

He arrives shortly after that, only a few minutes late. We load our luggage into his car.

The weather has been beautiful all day, so far. As we drive away, it begins to rain.




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  1. Love these pictures. Such a beautiful resort.

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