Last Full Grand Day- Part 2

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We get ready for dinner, which is at Las Brisa Mexican restaurant.


It is a beautiful evening, and the view from the third floor, as we wait for the elevator, is nothing short of spectacular.


When you arrive at Las Brisa for dinner, they offer you a shot of tequila at a table set up with various tequilas. Zung has one. I do not. I hate tequila. It tastes like gasoline to me. Yes, even the good ones. It is just not my drink.

We are seated and we order. Mayvany come by and we invite her to sit and talk for a bit. Mayvany is so delightful. I really enjoy talking with her. Thankfully, she does not bring up our Italian dinner fail. We just have a nice conversation.

Dinner starts with some soup.


We have tacos el pastor and chicken molé.


When they ask if we’d like dessert, I tell our waitress, who has a really flat affect, that there should be a fruit plate prepared for us. The Captain comes by and asks is it for one or two. It takes a long time and I am wondering if they have the one that was supposed to have been made this afternoon. The amount of time it takes is confusing, but when they bring it out, it is beautiful. The Captain says, I know you wanted mango, but it is too soft and not good. The fruit plate is huge! We eat a lot of it, because they went to so much effort.


After dinner, we go to the bar. I have a cucumber mojito, made by this guy.


I have Gustavo make me a Rosso Spritz, which is a drink I have back at home. Equal parts red wine, sparkling wine and club soda. It’s very refreshing.


We talk to some people who are here for the first time and some people who are here for the 11th time, Michelle and John. They mention that they have noticed that they used to get certain perks that they didn’t get this time. We have noticed this as well.


I have forgotten my meds, so we leave early. We get back to the room and Zung can’t find his phone. He goes back to the bar, but it is not there. Because it is in the room, plugged in. I think this is what they call as senior moment.



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