Last Full Grand Day-Part 1

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Today is our last full day at the Grand. I bet you got a hint about that from the title. Tomorrow we will move to the Valentin Imperial Maya. I am not feeling ready to leave my home away from home. The sun is high in the sky by the time we get up and head off to breakfast.


The water in the ocean is that brilliant, unbelievable blue.


It is a clear and sunny day. The beauty of this place sometimes makes me want to weep. But this morning, it just makes me hungry.

We go to Bella Vista and are seated. This guy looks in through the window, longingly.


There is nothing new or exciting about breakfast.


Olivia is making omelettes and she is still concerned about our bad experience at the Italian last night. She tells me she will make sure there is a fruit plate at dinner, at the Mexican restaurant, Las Brisa. She asks me what kind of fruit we want. This takes me off guard. We come up with a selection. Honestly though, I am feeling uncomfortable with so much talk about a bad experience. In my opinion, once they know about it, just move on. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble and just want them to use it as feedback to improve.

I ask her about her son, and she loves to talk about him, so the conversation is redirected, to my relief. I have her make me an over medium egg and go back to our table.I think the whole thing is behind me and then Mayvany comes over and asks if we can talk about the Italian restaurant experience later. I assure her we can. I don’t really want to though. Let’s move on people! I am glad they are concerned and I feel that when there is a bump, it is how it is handled that shows the excellence of a resort.

After breakfast we go to the room and get ready to go to the beach. We both go together this morning because it is Saturday and Zung is actually taking the whole weekend off. We don’t see any grasshoppers (BIG sigh of relief).

The weather is just spectacular. It is a typical morning at the beach. This is Day 6.


Feeding my soul. And staying hydrated with some cold agua.


Have I mentioned that blue is my favorite color?


We spend some time in the water. Then it is time for lunch. As we walk through the lobby of our building one of the butlers tells us that our fruit plate for dinner is ready. This is starting to get embarrassing.

Lunch is started in the traditional way.


No surprises for Zung.


I ask for lobster quesadillas, which are amazing. Mmmmmmm, so good.


There is my favorite, coconut ice cream. I am not sure why the coconut ice cream is so much better in Mexico, but it is. It is especially delicious with strawberries. I will say though, the strawberry sauce they drizzle on it is not so great. Kind of sweet and chemical tasting.


There is lots of wine. Lots.

After lunch we go to the pool bar, looking for Humberto. However, he is not there. So, it is back to the beach, and order more wine.

It’s funny. I am not a huge fan of white wine. But, it really hits the spot in Mexico, during the day.


After all that wine, there is a long nap. Naps are awesome on the beach, drifting off to the sound of the ocean.


We go in the water, after the nap. We are having a lovely time and then we see lighting. Yea. We are done.

We go back to the room, where there is champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. They are dressed up in chocolate tuxedos, with a side of gold and chocolate sculpture.


We move this party out to the balcony.


This looks lovely, except, the champagne is bad. Really, really bad. We drink a little. I’m going to say though, this is the worst champagne we’ve ever had at the Grand. That’s ok though. There will be more, and probably soon.


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  1. I didn’t know you were going to the VIM. Did you review it on trip advisor? We are going there the end of June giving it a second chance. Our first time there was in 2010 and left after 2 days because we didn’t like it much. Trying again because of the consistent good reviews over the years.

    1. I did not Tebow it. I should. It was not awesome in the least.

    2. Update, I just submitted my review to Trip Advisor for VIM.

      1. Need your thoughts why does the valentin get such good reviews. I really respect your opinion. I know the VIM is much cheaper than the Grand.

      2. I think my experience as unique. For someone who has never been to the Grand, I’m sure it feels like a very nice resort. Also, some people feel like it’s a good value.

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