Water and Wine

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I start the blog for Friday (of the vacation, not of today) with a totally gratuitous morning beach shot off of our balcony. I could get used to waking up to this every day.

I feel good today. Not foggy or hungover. We follow our normal breakfast routine. This morning I go for the lobster blinis. The orders are for three, but I always ask for just two, because they are so rich. It is big chunks of lobster on these little pancake things with a creamy sauce. Sometimes they must put a little cayenne in, because sometimes it has some kick.


Zung has eggs Benedict. Just kidding. He had an omelette.


We ask what the pink skinned fruit with all the seeds is. It is Dragon Fruit. Angel brings a whole fruit out to show us.


I want to know who was the first person to look at that and ask, I wonder if that would taste good?

I go back for some fruit and bacon and Iberico ham. I look for tater tots (how old am I?), but they only have potato wedges.


Mayvany comes over to say hello. I ask her for permission for Daniel to pick us up on Sunday. She says she will check, she doesn’t think there will be a problem.

As I write that, I have sense of deja vú. Have I written that before?

We go back to the room, and are greeted by a grasshopper. I am SO over this. Zung stays to work and I go to the beach. There are grasshoppers in the hall, terrorizing me. I can see them on the columns. This is reaching into very deep seated fears of mine.

I get to the beach and start setting up at one of the papalpas. Then I notice a grasshopper on the palapa and so I move. They are everywhere! I move next to Valerie and George. Valerie and I chat.img_0942

Her is the evidence that it is Day 5.


Zung comes out and has a Margherita. We go in the water. We dry off and go to lunch, where we have our usual lunch beverages.


And Zung has, what he always has.img_0944

I have tournedos and fries. Unfortunately, it is overcooked. I tell them and they bring me a new one, that is not overcooked.


Zung has coconut ice cream and I have a few spoonfuls. I get a brownie, so I am not dessertless. Is that a word? It is now. And wine. I had more wine. I had a lot of wine. Wine is good. It’s heart healthy.


There are peacocks, posing for photos, outside. At least, it looked like they were posing.


We go back to the beach, where I might have had even more wine. Hiccup.

We go to the spa, where the water is really warm. And then we go to our room and enjoy the jacuzzi on the balcony. Lot. Of. Warm. Water. Combine it with the wine. And I am jello.





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