Dinner on Day 3 (or whatever day)

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I love this dress. It is so comfortable. Often when people say that something is “comfortable”, it is also sloppy. My pajamas are comfortable. That doesn’t mean I should be seen in them out in public. But this dress is really pretty, and it is comfortable too. It is not a rental. It is mine. It is also versatile. If I put a cardigan on, I could wear it to work. I could wear it out for errands or shopping too. I love dressing up for dinner and a versatile dress is a bonus.


Dinner is at Haiku, aka the Asian restaurant. We order some wine.


Fernando comes by to see how things are going. We talk about the grasshoppers/locusts. He tells us a funny story about his reaction when one jumped onto him when he was driving on his motorcycle. It quite freaked him out. He tells us they are seasonal. I make a mental note. Giant grasshoppers/locusts in September, crabs in June.

Dinner is good. We eat our usual favorites.

The sushi is an amuse bouche.


Shrimp tempura.


Skewered something. The stuff they decorate the plate with is pretty unnatural looking, that neon pink.


This was the “flower” on the table.


Eder shows up just in time for a pictures.


After dinner Zung goes to the music bar and watches the football game. The Broncos were playing. I go to the Lobby Bar. Mayvany comes by and says hello. Rafael comes by and says hello. Hugo comes by and says hello.

Daniel doesn’t think much of my drink choice, a cucumber mojito, blended. It was okay. Worth trying but I doubt I’ll have it again.


Zung comes out at half-time. The Broncos have a new quarterback playing. I don’t follow football closely enough to be able to remember all the details, but I do remember that they won the Superbowl last year.

Elizabeth wants to take a picture with me.

This is what Daniel takes first. Eye roll.


Elizabeth is quite the beauty.


We include Daniel in one so he doesn’t pout.


Daniel keeps trying to fill my glass. I tell him to stop because I am still trying to figure out how much I can drink without getting wasted and not feel weird the next day. I have Gustavo make me a Rosso Spritz, which is red wine, sparkling wine and club soda. Very delicious and very refreshing.

A gentleman comes by and says asks if I am Andrea. He and his wife, Joel and Debbie Pederson live in Phoenix, but used to live in Denver.  They are on the Facebook Grand page. It is their second time here.

Zung comes out when the game is over. Denver won in a squeaker, 20-21.

We don’t stay late. We goo back to room and drink some HC, neat.

Sleep well. 



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