Day – 3

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Today is Azael’s day off, so we decide to have room service. We ordered it last night with the card you put on your door. I learned from one of the butlers that that is one of the things the night shift butler does, pick up those cards from all the rooms. It arrived around eight.


II had waffles. We ordered some fruit. They always send a basket of pastries. I have forgotten to order bacon. Well, that’s a bummer. Zung gives me some of his. Bacon is one of my guilty pleasures on vacation. I try to eat it every day. Lots of it. I like mine crispy.

When you order a mimosa, they always send a full bottle of champagne and a pitcher of juice. I am feeling foggy. Not the typical hungover feeling, but foggy and shaky. My mimosa, which most of the time helps this feeling, does not help today. I end up feeling this way most of the day.


As we sit there, by the window, we can see grasshoppers flying by the window in large numbers, like something from a Hitchcock film. It creeps me out. Last year it was crabs all over the place at Secrets, and this year it is massive grasshoppers. Someone told me they are really locusts, but they looked like grasshoppers, so that is what I will continue to call them for the duration of this trip’s blog.

I took a Mimosa out to the beach. Hmm, I’m holding up four fingers here, which would indicate it’s day 4. I’ll need to think about that.


I ask for a bucket of ice for our water. We have an awesome beach waiter. His name is Jobni and he keeps replacing the ice.


Zung comes out around 11:30. He gets a margarita, and I get a Shandy. We get some chips and salsa and guac.


For lunch we go back to the room. We really like the club sandwich, but that is only available from room service.


Of course, we ordered french fries too, and of course they are not as hot and crispy as when we get them at Las Brisa We also order chocolate cake, but it is more like a heavy mousse, so I only take a bite.

Our tummies full, we go back out to the beach. We read. We go into the water. When I feel more sober, I get a glass of wine.I don’t want to be feeling sober, now, do I?

There are birds. I am embarrassingly entertained by birds. Or I should be embarrassed. I’m not really.


We stay out for a long time. We go back to the room when it is time to get ready for dinner.


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