How much can I drink? Not much!

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It is hot, but my drink is cold and the sound of the ocean is feeding my soul.





We go back to the room and I nap, trying to sleep off the drunk. I can’t seem to get a handle on how much I can drink. The dosage of my meds is really messing up my normal tolerance.

Dinner is at Toni’s tonight.


Alberto comes by to say hello and check how everything is.

This is our second dinner at Toni’s. It is not as successful as our first dinner a couple of nights ago.

I have only one glass of wine, and I don’t even finish that.


We start with the pear salad, which is new on the menu. It is pretty. but just bland.


We both have the ribeye. I have one part that is cooked perfectly, and the rest is overcooked.


Zung has some dessert. I don’t think he was very impressed. But I didn’t include it in my notes, one way or the other.




To the bar!

I try a chocolate cake martini, but I don’t like it.


We chat with a couple from Atlanta, Josh and Mila. Alberto comes by and we chat with him for awhile. We ask about the attempt that apparently failed to have no reservations at some of the restaurants. They have gone back to all the ala carte restaurants requiring reservations. I have no problem with that.The buffet does not require reservations. There are some resorts that don’t require reservations, but the downside is that there is not always a table when you show up. I prefer to know that there will be a table when I arrive, so I’m good with the reservation system.

Alfonso, the former GM, is there to have dinner with one of the executive chefs, and he comes by and we chat for awhile. He is at another resort now.

I have a couple of cucumber mojitos and feel drunk again. We go back to the room before 10:30. Party animals we are not.


But I do have awesome shoes, which more than makes up for my lack of late night partying abilities.



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  1. Andrea, I love your posts and especially your shoes! Always fabulous! I was wondering why you don’t include the dates of the trip you are blogging about. I’m curious about the weather, but you rarely mention rain. Trying to plan a family trip in October, that’s when I was there the first time! This resort has spoiled me so badly to all othet trips I have taken or will take in the future, so I going to stop fighting it a go back to the Grand!

    1. Sometimes I mention the dates. This trip was early September. I’ve been a couple of times in October. I’ve had hurricane threats on either side of my trip dates, but the weather when I was there was great. I would get trip insurance for sure. and yes, the Grand does ruin you for most other resorts!

  2. The shoes are fabulous!!

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