Day 2 – Part 1

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First quiz question: How many parts were there to Day 1?

Answer: I don’t want to go back and count, so you let me know, k?

Sorry that it’s been almost two weeks since my last post. Exactly one week after we returned from Mexico, my daughter and I went on a long planned girl’s trip to Las Vegas. If you want to know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, we decided that we are Vegas duds. We could barely stay awake past 10 o’clock, and were usually back in our room by 9. Vegas duds. I’ve done a lot of traveling in the last several months. I expect that to stop for awhile, so my blog posts should be more reliable (she says confidently).

It is another beautiful day.


We don’t vary much from our schedule. So, I bet you know what happens next. If you guessed that we go to Bella Vista for breakfast then, ding, ding, ding! You are correct! Zung gets an omelette, I’m sure, but since there is no picture to prove it, he may not have. Oh, who are we kidding? He always gets an omelette. I however vary my culinary choices. Today I get chillaquilles, red sauce, onions and realize I always move the onions to the side. Must remember next time to ask for no onions. I also get some fruit in various forms. Some on a plate and some in my glass, with champagne, also known as a mimosa. And black tea. I always get black tea, with almond milk and I put some sugar in it. The sugar in the brown packets with the extra large grains. It’s kinda brownish because it’s raw sugar. No white processed sugar for this gal. Unless that’s all there is. I can lower my standards in the pursuit of sweetness.


Clearly I forgot to take the picture before I started eating. Sorry.

After breakfast I go to the beach and Zung works in the room. He enjoys the view out the window. I personally would find it incredibly distracting. It is better that looking at a parking lot and not being able to just walk a few steps and be on the beach.

It seems like it is a long time until a waiter comes by. He wants to know where my husband is and he looks surprised when I say he is working. He asks me, why? I reply, right?


I go up to our room at some point and there are two enormous grasshoppers near our door and one actually on the door frame that I don’t see. It flies away when I put the key in. I scream. Nobody comes to check out the blood curdling scream. They are there when I leave the room and one flies away. I ask the concierge if they could spray the hall.

Zung comes down around 11:30.


We go in the water. It feels so nice, the perfect temperature.

We go to lunch at Las Brisa.


I have the grilled fish.


Zung has the coconut ice cream and a cappuccino.


I skip the coconut ice cream, but have him keep refilling my wine glass.

Now I’m drunk.

There are naps and the water again.

It is a perfectly lovely afternoon.


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  1. During our last trip, we saw one of those grasshoppers in the stairwell. Steve had to convince me to walk past it to go down the stairs. I have NEVER seen one that big! That was actually the first time I saw one at the Grand.

  2. Hello Andrea. I really enjoy your blog and really look forward to the updates. As a lactation consultant, there is something happening in the media in my area that might interest you (or maybe everyone in the lactation field is already aware). Anyway, I don’t know if this is a suitable forum to share a link with you. Colleen

  3. Those are not grasshoppers, there locusts, we were there 10/31 thru11/9 and they were all over both the maya and the grand , the bellman Ricardo said they are around only every 8 to 10 years

    1. Those are not grasshoppers, there locusts, we were there 10/31 thru11/9 and they were all over both the maya and the grand , the bellman Ricardo said they are around only every 8 to 10 years. I wanted to post a video I had of finding a crab trying to pull a dead locust down its hole right out on the beach in front of the grand but I don’t know how to do it from my phone

      1. I’m glad to know they won’t be around for another ten years.

  4. I took a great picture of one of those locusts. I wondered what they were. Now I know.

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