Still Day One!

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Dinner is at L’Atelier, also known as the Gourmet or the French. These are all the same restaurant. Don’t let it confuse you.There will be a quiz at the end of this post.

I wear one of my dressier dresses. This is one of my rentals from Rent the Runway. For a more detailed explanation of what that is, if you are unfamiliar with it, you can use the SEARCH box, up near the top on the right side. It was my October 2, 2016 post. I got an extra subscription for this trip, so I would have lots of amazing dresses. The shoes add a nice pop of color, which, according to Stacy and Clinton (What Not to Wear), is a fashion “do.”


Alberto and Sarah are there and say, “We’ve been waiting for you!” We discuss the new menu. He recommends the Tuna Tartare. I say hello to Sarah (I’m still embarrassed for not recognizing her in May. We check in at the podium and the hostess knows my name, but I can’t remember ever meeting/seeing her before. This happens often, and always makes me feel weird. I worry that I’ve met them and just forgot. The old memory is not what it used to be.

We are seated. Service is a little slow. We get some Daimon Tempranillo wine, which always makes me more patient with slow service.Give me some water and wine and then you can ignore me for awhile, never before that though. We peruse the new menu. There is a salmon croquet amuse bouche.


It is crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, and could have been hotter (IMO).

For a started I get the Tuna Tartare in strawberry gazpacho and it is very good.


There were some crunchy things on top with some pineapple sorbet between them. Sounds weird, but it ends up all working to make a tasty appetizer. Zung has the scallops


He describes them as light and lemony and says they are very good.

For my entree I have the Beef cheeks with chocolate sauce. This does not get such rave reviews. I reminds me of pot roast with brown gravy. It is not very good at all and I don’t eat very much of it. It’s actually one of those things that was so bad I just should have asked for something else.


Zung gets the Tagliatelli.


He likes it, even more after he puts some salt on it. It has an egg on it, which he said is pretty firm and he thinks it would have been better if it had been runny and mixed with the sauce.

We both get dessert. They are good, but very similar.They are nicely presented.


Dinner is mostly hits with a big miss with my entree and could have been a little better with Zung’s. Overall, we are content. If we want more to eat, there is always something, somewhere.


Rafael comes by to say hello and catch up. He does a great job of remembering what all our kids are doing.

We take a picture outside of the restaurant. Zung always tries to coordinate with my outfits.


To the bar!

Sweet Daniel makes me a cucumber martini.


Zung has a margherita.


Gratuitous shoe shot.img_0721

I realize that the chocolate martini is made with milk and milk is no longer my friend, so I ask him to use almond milk. one word, blech. It is a good substitute for many things, this is not one of them.


We talk to Manuel, the assistant entertainment manager. Aziz, the entertainment manager of Mexico operations comes by and says hello. We talk to Eder for a bit. We take some pictures.


There are chocolate cake shots. We see the people from Belgium. The mother is beside herself with excitement. The boyfriend proposed to her daughter and the mother is so happy and excited. She asks for four bottles of champagne, she means four glasses.

We are done. we feel so tired, which makes us feel so old because it is not that late.

We go back to the room, where there are gifts for us, but we are not sure what they are for. Zung eventually decides they are toiletry bags. Gifts are always nice.


There’s no quiz. I was just kidding.

Night night. Sleep tight.



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  1. Great blog!! I saw you at breakfast this last trip but didn’t want to bother both you. Thanks for great advice

  2. We are just after finding your blog its fantasic

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